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Noumenon in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2016-11-25Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: phenomenonenoughindigenousacumendocumentargumentmonumentinstrumentMeaning: n. the intellectual conception of a thing as it is in itself, not as it is known through perception. 
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1. Aesthics authority is depriving noumenon of aesthetic confidence.
2. Noumenon is the basic component of background surroundings by the essential inner connection between them.
3. The noumenon of cosmic inventory is also the noumenon of poem, so the greatness of Chinese poetics based on Confucianism and Taoism depends on natural conscience. Mr.
4. The fable is figure of speech, including noumenon and implication. Zhuangzi's fables are no ( exception ).
5. The language makes the noumenon to become two parts and mean while obstructs another, too.
6. The noumenon of a discipline is the u ltim ate foundation for its existence and development.
7. The aesthetic thought taking'imagination'as noumenon always has held the leading position in China.
8. Taiji, which is not only the nature noumenon but also the nature modality, is the tiptop category to unionize the idea of Yinyang and Wuxing.
9. The essence of Descartes'general doubt is not noumenon doubt but methodological one.
10. Unless your balcony has gotten strengthening in building noumenon, cannot build artificial swim pool otherwise,( cannot undertake the processing such as cindery block up.
11. The noumenon part narrates the rhythm main structure rule of"Modal rhythm", "Mensural rhythm"and"Isorhythmic", moreover each chapter briefly summarizes the main body content.
12. The second part dwells on the literary noumenon including structural ontology and literary essence.
13. Both of the noumenon and metaphor object have deep characteristic are similar and alike in spirit.
14. While in Confucian ontology , noumenon cannot exist without appearance and Faramita cannot be independent of temporality.
15. The perception noumenon, possibility, identity and creation of art constitute the basic structure of the study.
16. And the key value principle all throughout is man as the noumenon.
17. TV education, in its narrow sense as well as broad sense, is a unity of selecting noumenon and "anti-selection noumenon ."
18. "Self-Denying of Conscience" is his great contribution to philosophy, and is said to be able to contact the noumenon with phenomenon.
19. Results Tumor angiogenesis were related closely with growth, development, metastasis and prognosis of noumenon tumor.
20. Hegel ? s concept of spirit is the synthesis of the Kantian distinction between noumenon and phenomenon.
21. ResultsThe photoelastic model of mandibular first molar with hemisection was manufactured, which was as similar as noumenon in appearance, parameter and boundary condition.
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