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Laxity in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: laxnessremissnessslacknessSimilar words: relaxingprophylaxisfixityprolixitycomplexityperplexityexitlaxMeaning: ['læksətɪ]  n. 1. the condition of being physiologically lax 2. the quality of being lax and neglectful. 
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1. The newspapers accused local police of laxity in dealing with gamblers.
2. The laxity of export control authorities has made a significant contribution to the problem.
3. It was also a time of increased moral laxity among the clergy, not excluding the Popes.
4. Second, there is a certain degree of laxity.
5. Conclusion With good analgesic effect, uterus laxity , low probability of induced abortion syndrome and no more hemorrhage, disoprofol and nitrous oxide is good for painless induced abortion.
6. But bloating, laxity, conceit, extravagance and inertia are to be found in certain degrees.
7. In 1975 we criticized weakness, laziness and laxity, but some leading bodies still have those problems.
8. Questions are being asked by prominent citizens as to the extent of police laxity which permitted the perpetration of this vicious crime.
9. Two years later the itinerant returned to attack Garden outright for allowing laxity and not promoting the preaching of grace.
10. It was as if he wanted to test the laxity and freedoms of waging war up in here.
11. By the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries(Sentencedict), moral laxity in the administration of confession by the clergy was evident.
12. Round the eye, full face and neck and the full body thin wrinkle and wrinkle and edict wrinkle and double chin"turkey neck" , "butterfly sleeve"abdomen and thigh skin laxity etc.
13. It has been suggested that the hormone relaxin, a hormone of pregnancy, causes this joint laxity in pregnant women.
14. At 68, Ms. Meyerhof, of South Burlington, Vt., is a decade or two older than Dr. White's typical candidate, someone who is just starting to notice under-chin skin laxity.
15. Excision with skin graft of soar on the face can improve laxity and mobility of that portion, but it contributes little to remould the disfiguration.
16. Conclusion. The significantly greater neutral zone of immature spine suggests greater ligament laxity.
17. The army must maintain strict discipline and allow no laxity.
18. Conclusions: Osteochondral fracture of the lateral femoral condyle is an injury to which adolescents with ligamentous laxity of the knee are prone.
19. The spread of juvenile delinquency in our own age is largely due to parental laxity.
20. Summary of Background Data. OI is a rare genetic collagen disorder that is characterized by bone fragility and ligamentous laxity.
21. Howeer, recent studies hae found that increased peripheral joint laxity in pregnant women was not associated with increased serum relaxin leels or estradiol leels.
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