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Coaxing in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2017-03-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: waxingrelaxingcoaxfixingperplexinghoaxaxistaxiMeaning: [kəʊks]  n. flattery designed to gain favor. adj. pleasingly persuasive or intended to persuade. 
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(1) She needs a bit of gentle coaxing.
(2) It took a lot of coaxing before he agreed.
(3) A bit of gentle coaxing is all that's required and he'll come, I'm sure.
(4) No amount of coaxing will make me change my mind.
(5) A little coaxing was all it took to get her to say his name.
(6) A mother was coaxing her reluctant child into the water.
(7) He was coaxing me to walk a bit further without having to carry me, by promising that it was just a bit further.
(8) Jim tried coaxing him away with a glass of brandy, which Albert thought a low device.
(9) The devil also paid her a visit, coaxing her to spit on a cross and break a rosary.
(10) Applications can be like teaching machines, coaxing users to the right choices without penalties, says Sippl.
(11) She turned into an expert at coaxing food and lodging invitations out of perfect strangers.
(12) His anger finally subsided following other people's coaxing.
(13) With a little coaxing the engine started.
(14) Where The Distillers were bombardiers, Spinnerette like coaxing.
(15) Her voice is normally a hearty coaxing voice , very confident, very appealing, very hard to resist.
(16) America is trying to bolster it by coaxing Mr Sharif into a power - sharing agreement.
(17) He had been pampering, and coaxing, and indulging that individual all his life.
(18) Peasants wade knee deep in mud coaxing water buffalo to pull ploughs.
(19) I perceive a coaxing sound in that soft strain of yours.
(20) He had a way of coaxing extra performance out of tired machinery.
(21) They are willing to contribute to and collaborate with the youths, often spending long hours coaxing and prompting.
(22) No, all it has taken is a nice, warm bed and an active imagination coaxing me into a deep sleep.
(23) These fishes eat well in captivity, but it may take a little coaxing to get them started.
(24) He expected good behaviour and his rather grim glance in her direction did more to motivate her into action than any coaxing.
(25) They tried to drive the adult peasants into paying their taxes, instead of coaxing them.
(26) Yet somehow the delusion has taken hold that a commitment to democratic self-rule means coaxing apathetic numbskulls into voting.
(27) If we succeed in generating a blastema in a mammal, the next big hurdle for us would be coaxing the site of a digit amputation to regenerate the entire digit.
(28) The pressures of parenting are relentless, and sometimes it's easier to stick a frozen pizza in the microwave than fuss with coaxing kids to whole grains and leafy greens.
(29) It hurt her and was awkward for me, too much, coaxing.
(30) A peasant may seem like the smartest man in the world by coaxing crops from unfertile ground, but he may appear like a perfect idiot when asked to cope with a complicated machine.
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