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Itching in a sentence

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Sentence count:128+3Posted:2017-02-11Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: etchingmatchingstretchingpoachingslouchingbleachingscorchingscreechingMeaning: ['ɪtʃɪŋ]  n. an irritating cutaneous sensation that produces a desire to scratch. 
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(31) Now he stood near the door with his hands clasping each other behind his back and his scalp itching furiously in the heat.
(32) The medicine relieves the itching, so the child doesn't scratch so much.
(33) Don't scratch - it will only make the itching worse.
(34) Ear infections with a purulent discharge, itching and noises in the ears; eustachian catarrh.
(35) My nose is itching.
(36) Clearly the President's enemies are itching to believe unsubstantiated stories that could hurt him.
(37) She's just itching to tell you about her new boyfriend.
(38) Despite her success, however, it just wasn't much fun anymore. Liz was itching to try something different.
(39) His stock on the street was down, and he was itching for an opportunity to redeem it.
(40) Her aunt said the child had poured hot water over herself to relieve terrible itching caused by scabies.
(41) Shildon said he would probably change his mind in a day or two and be itching to talk.
(42) They may also feel their eyes,[] nose or palate itching.
(43) They thunder into the wasteground opposite, then stop and wait, itching for a fight with their pursuers.
(44) Itching can be intense, and there may be a visible rash, which can become secondarily infected by bacteria.
(45) He was a raw young bull, itching for more action and glamour in his life.
(46) Live yoghurt applied vaginally can often bring considerable relief from the itching, so long as you can contain the mess!
(47) Nestle has been itching for a big deal and Ralston must have been at the top of their list of potential targets.
(48) They seemed to be shrouded in mystery(, and Fran was itching to find out more.
(49) Some system developers and their software programmers assume that consumers are itching to be converted from passive to interactive television watchers.
(50) These mosquito bites on my leg are itching like crazy.
(51) A child might not complain of itching, but she might be rubbing her eyes or nose repeatedly.
(52) That has forced buyers into a market itching for some payback.
(53) So did the itching in his anus.
(54) The men are itching to fight.
(55) Helps relieve flea problems, dry, itching scaly skin.
(56) The boys were itching to let off their fireworks.
(57) The itching was almost more than he could stand.
(58) He was itching for the curtain to rise.
(59) My head is itching to death because of dandruff.
(60) The result presents that sternutation is related with the pattern, and also the itching of eyes, nose and ears are related to the pattern.
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