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Entropy in a sentence

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Sentence count:272Posted:2017-03-02Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: misanthropyphilanthropytrophyatrophytropicalcontrolmetropolisintroduceMeaning: n. 1. (communication theory) a numerical measure of the uncertainty of an outcome 2. (thermodynamics) a thermodynamic quantity representing the amount of energy in a system that is no longer available for doing mechanical work. 
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1) They therefore have a higher entropy after mixing.
2) The hours slid slowly down the great entropy slope of the universe.
3) Should not the entropy change for the reaction therefore be positive-as required by the second law of thermodynamics?
4) During this spontaneous process, the entropy of the system therefore increases.
5) But how does entropy help us to predict whether a change will take place or not?
6) So how do we calculate the entropy change of the surroundings?
7) The entropy of gases is much higher than the entropy of solids.
8) Thermodynamic entropy draws all chemical reactions down to their minimal energy level.
9) The second law requires that the total entropy of a system and its surroundings increases during a spontaneous process.
10) The entropy density is constant ahead of the shock.
11) The standard heat capacity, entropy,[] sublimation enthalpy of graphite.
12) They can adopt conformations which lead to maximum entropy.
13) In the business world, entropy rules.
14) Blear image has lower entropy value.
15) In this paper, a concise and alternative average entropy is introduced, which can be used to analyze entanglement of multipartite pure states.
16) Third, regard relative conditional entropy information beneficial to term words collocation as a feature of translation model.
17) It is showed that the entropy and the rate of entropy production are neither too much nor too little. They must be adapted to the level of ontogeny .
18) Affective entropy is developed to express the specific extent of human emotion.
19) Grasp entropy and exergy analysis method and cultivate the thought to use energy feasibly.
20) Could the future see a species capable of engaging in the defeat of the law of entropy in a final Armageddon?
21) Energy is thus dispersed and so we might expect an increase in entropy and not a decrease.
22) Thus during a chemical reaction there is always an entropy change.
23) This says that in any closed system disorder, or entropy, always increases with time.
24) This state would be less ordered, and hence have more entropy, than the initial state of two separate boxes.
25) Here is supposed to compensate for the lack of a non-combinatorial entropy contribution in the Flory-Huggins treatment.
26) Eventually the limit is reached where no further packing would be possible and where the configurational entropy therefore vanishes.
27) They saw disorder steadily growing, like a baby, and called this entropy.
28) To predict whether a reaction will occur spontaneously or not it is necessary to introduce another thermodynamic state function called entropy.
29) The Gibbs free energy change therefore takes into account the enthalpy change of a reaction system and its entropy change.
30) The Relation Between Elevation of Equivalence Relation, Elevation of Distance, Hypertopology, Quotient Topology and Topological Entropy.
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