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Surrogate in a sentence

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Synonym: alternatedeputyfosterreplacementSimilar words: abrogatearrogancederogatorysurroundsurroundedsurroundingfurrowsurreptitiousMeaning: ['sɜrəgeɪt /'sʌrə- ,-gət]  n. 1. someone who takes the place of another person 2. a person appointed to represent or act on behalf of others. adj. providing or receiving nurture or parental care though not related by blood or legal ties. 
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(1) Martin had become Howard Cosell's surrogate son.
(2) William was acting as a surrogate father for his brother's son.
(3) Fiction is a poor surrogate for real experience.
(4) She saw him as a sort of surrogate father.
(5) Bright-light therapy is used as a surrogate for sunshine.
(6) For some people, reading travel books is a surrogate for actual travel.
(7) Elena's brother was a surrogate father to her kids after her husband died.
(8) He used the Internet as a surrogate for contact with real people.
(9) She has agreed to act as a surrogate mother for her sister.
(10) Arms control should not be made into a surrogate for peace.
(11) The cat acted as a surrogate mum to the chicks.
(12) His surrogate father figure was killed.
(13) We became a surrogate mirror reflecting back our approval.
(14) Joseph Schreider was a kind of ... surrogate father.
(15) Both his sense of need and his surrogate conscience link him however tenuously, with a social universe.
(16) The old couple across the street were like surrogate grandparents to me.
(17) Civilization itself, in fact, is a pathological surrogate for unconscious infantile disappointments.
(18) Then, one night when his white surrogate left the studio, Winslow read part of his own Script on the air.
(19) His dancers were his family, surrogate children whom he fed, educated and drove mercilessly as artists.
(20) Surrogate twins of a homosexual couple have been granted indefinite leave to stay in Britain.
(21) The immense surrogate slave power released by the steam engine ushered in the Industrial Revolution.
(22) Because she had no children of her own, her friend's son became a kind of surrogate child to her.
(23) They merely suffered from unresolved Oedipal complexes, and were attacking universities as a surrogate father.
(24) Regional governments have started to issue their own kinds of surrogate money.
(25) Girls are fascinated by people and treat their toys as surrogate people.
(26) In essence, internal relations previously based on hierarchies and bureaucratic authority are being gradually transformed into actual or surrogate market transactions.
(27) This method has been used to gain consent from general practitioners for research in which they are consulted by surrogate patients.
(28) But suppose a woman has agreed to become a surrogate mother and accepted a fee from the commissioning parents.
(29) The sensible diet and strict routine also did him good, but the surrogate maternal love was best of all.
(30) Deaver also appeared to act as a messenger between the First lady and her husband, and sometimes even as a surrogate.
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