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Irritable in a sentence

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Sentence count:150+5 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-25Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: crankycrossimpatientirascibletestySimilar words: veritableirritatedirrefutablesuitableequitablehospitablecreditableinevitableMeaning: ['ɪrɪtəbl]  adj. 1. easily irritated or annoyed 2. abnormally sensitive to a stimulus 3. capable of responding to stimuli. 
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1. She was irritable when she was unhappy.
2. The invalid is very irritable, but we try to bear with him.
3. The family is the rain, take irritable, leaving Qingliang; affection is the wind, blowing the sorrow, stay happy; the family is the sun, taking away the darkness, leaving the light. The family is the most great, no matter you are happy, frustration, pain, loss, it will gently on your way, quietly with your life.
4. He who sees other's faults is ever irritable, the corruptions of such as one grows. He is far from the destruction of the corruptions.
5. Alan was irritable, and very evidently in a nervy state.
6. Teething can be painful and make your baby
7. His glasses magnified his irritable glare.
8. After giving up smoking, he became fat and irritable.
9. Lack of sleep had made him irritable.
10. Jo was tired, irritable, and depressed.
11. The professor had been pugnacious and irritable.
12. He gets irritable when he's got toothache.
13. He's the same old Peter - moody and irritable.
14. He's extremely irritable - he flies off the handle at the slightest thing.
15. He was irritable and sometimes jabbed his stick into his servant's face.
16. Tom's an awkward/stupid/irritable cuss!
17. Be careful what you say - he's rather irritable today.
18. Irritable bowel syndrome seems to affect more women than men.
19. It made him angry and irritable.
20. You're turning into an irritable old man.
21. Irritable, piteous wailing, even a snarling cry.
22. He could be touchy and irritable.
23. You become tense, short-tempered and irritable with other people.
24. Since Steve quit smoking, he's been really irritable.
25. Although irritable bowel syndrome is commonly believed to be a colonic motility disorder, the evidence supporting this hypothesis is inconsistent.
26. And goodness knows I get tired, irritable and hassled by my children's demands.
27. They may feel tired and though outwardly calm, can be irritable.
28. He had been waiting for over an hour and was beginning to feel irritable.
29. She told Cleveland coroner Michael Sheffield he became depressed through being out of work and it made him irritable and upset.
30. This study lacked objective or prospective data and was biased by the exclusion from the controls of people with irritable bowel syndrome.
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