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Irrefutable in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2016-12-21Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: inscrutableirrevocablerefuteirrevocablyirreparablytablenotabletableauMeaning: [‚ɪrɪ'fjuːtəbl]  adj. impossible to deny or disprove. 
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1. The pictures provide irrefutable evidence of the incident.
2. There was irrefutable evidence of his guilt.
3. They had no families, and it was irrefutable that elders should be surrounded by those they had raised.
4. Such irrefutable evidence is often impossible to provide at that moment.
5. Plato was positing an ideal body of irrefutable truth which stands eternally existent far beyond our mortal ken.
6. There was irrefutable proof that words and numbers were the perfect commodities for export.
7. I'd say that until you uncover irrefutable proof of his innocence, you've got your man.
8. Further, he offered to provide Judge Ireland with irrefutable proof from his personal contacts at the highest level in London.
9. What had previously been accepted as irrefutable and invulnerable to attack was now set in doubt.
10. That is not, of course, irrefutable proof of discrimination.
11. Only truth that is tested by practice is irrefutable.
12. This was really irrefutable evidence.
13. Good books are irrefutable, and bad books refute themselves.
14. This is an irrefutable truth.
15. The observational data were irrefutable.
16. This is an irrefutable fact.
17. The backwardness hi the urbanization is an irrefutable fact in the poverty - stricken areas.
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18. Did the United States provide China with irrefutable evidence against Bin Ladin?
19. In the face of irrefutable evidence, a confession of the crime - the facts.
20. In the face of such irrefutable facts, he was struck dumb.
21. Framing their earliest memories is the irrefutable evidence that something terrible happened in the time Before.
22. These ironclad details are irrefutable proof in black and white.
23. This an irrefutable truth.
24. Mr. Meacher I did not say that I had irrefutable evidence.
25. In the physical sense, Birth, Survival and Death are irrefutable realities of existence.
26. She wore sapphire earrings, and her ring was a diamond of irrefutable substance.
27. The returns on research expenditure and the close connection between research and increased yields are irrefutable.
28. Hyacinth came with them, more for company and the irrefutable excuse to avoid work than from any religious inclination.
29. IN THE long run, the case for abandoning the managed currency regime is irrefutable, but it depends on the emergence of a domestic financial system that has sufficient depth and resilience.
30. Here , in the wretched room, her father's moaning was the dominant note and seemed irrefutable.
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