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Inexorably in a sentence

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Sentence count:54Posted:2016-12-25Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: irreparablyconsiderablyadorablefavorableinevitablyunfavorableinexplicableexorcismMeaning: adv. in an inexorable manner. 
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1 Spending on health is growing inexorably.
2 These events led inexorably to war.
3 Time marches inexorably on and we still have not made a decision.
4 The clock ticked up shillings inexorably.
5 The days of death rolled on inexorably towards the ending of the year.
6 Inexorably her thoughts turned to suicide, not because she wanted to die but because she desperately wanted help.
7 Since costs tend to rise inexorably,( attempts to stabilize public spending have essentially meant cuts in actual services.
8 Consultants' caseloads are mounting inexorably and technical complexity is increasing while junior support declines, both proportionately and in terms of doctor hours.
9 Inexorably, it pulls you into the folds of a miserable life of degradation, poverty, and humiliation.
10 As she talked, David found his eyes inexorably gliding over the curves of her body.
11 Pleasure and pain alternate inexorably.
12 The question, inexorably, is whether it is good.
13 That are inexorably shaping the world of tomorrow.
14 Monetary inflation spirals inexorably on.
15 " Try a hot cake,'said Mammy inexorably.
16 The crisis is moving inexorably towards war.
17 But nomatterwhat cosmetics we use, what exercises we do, the decay of our bodies moves inexorably forward.
18 As his hands slid down her upper arms and he drew her slowly but inexorably towards him, her throat grew dry.
19 And Katherine could do with all the comfort she could get for the illness was slowly and inexorably taking its toll.
20 Fourthly, a successful terminal at Stratford would inevitably and inexorably encroach on the Lea Valley regional park and reduce leisure facilities.
21 Man beats back the jungle, the vines and fluid spong trees inexorably overwhelm the masonry.
22 Again, the methods or source is as important as the actual results making one inexorably tied to the other.
23 Corporate yuppie culture is oozing insidiously into the development world and the old order is slowly and inexorably crumbling.
24 As the snow accumulates from that little boreal patch, growing inexorably year after year, gargantuan ice sheets begin to form.
25 When a segregation distorter arises by mutation, it will spread inexorably through the population at the expense of its allele.
26 In due course Agnes forgot her first impulse, yet was moving inexorably on an almost preordained path.
27 On the other hand there is sadness at the way an entire productive farm is being inexorably consumed.
28 Feeding and environment Many elements of marine aquarium care are interdependent and inexorably entwined.
29 In the new liberal framework, however, both system redundancy and public service culture are inexorably fading.
30 They were like a needle stuck in a gramophone record, inexorably repeating embrace after embrace.
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