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Probably in a sentence

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Synonym: believablybelikecrediblyin all likelihoodin all probabilitylikelyplausiblySimilar words: problempresumablyinevitablyconsiderablybabyrobotglobaltobaccoMeaning: ['prɑbəblɪ /'prɒ-] adv. 1. with considerable certainty; without much doubt 2. easy to believe on the basis of available evidence. 
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1. The person who arrives, ect early will (probably) succeed. 
2. What he says is probably true because he has the ear of the Queen.
3. When alive ,we may probably offend some people.However, we must think about whether they are deserved offended.
4. The Democrats will probably lose control of Congress.
5. Do you think you can do it? Well, probably I can.
6. You'll probably only get one chance to take a photo, so don't muff it!
7. Their plan will probably meet with little success.
8. Campbell's broken leg will probably require surgery.
9. The Beatles are probably the most famous band in the world.
10. Most scientists would probably lean toward this viewpoint.
11. I'll probably be a little late.
12. She's probably in her early forties.
13. They told me that they probably wouldn't come.
14. I'm not sure. Probably around midnight.
15. I think more customers probably prefer a soft sell.
16. We probably can no longer as before, so powerfully love, until all cried out.
17. You probably picked up my keys instead of yours.
18. He'll probably find himself in pocket in a good year.
19. Gershwin's lyrics would today probably be deemed politically incorrect.
20. "She's probably had a row with her boyfriend," Charles opined.
21. We could probably trust her with the information but it's just not worth the risk.
22. The repairs will probably run into thousands of pounds.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. Pour in some of the syrup, but not all of it, as it will probably overflow.
24. I don't see the point of waiting for her, she is probably not coming.
25. He's a frightful snob - if you haven't been to the right school he probably won't even speak to you.
26. If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.
27. If someone in your life makes you forget your Past , that someone is probably your Future.
28. If he hadn't been so good at the rest of his job, I probably would have fired him.
29. If you've been asked for an interview you are probably on a short list of no more than six.
30. It was deadly poison and if he drank it he'd probably die.
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