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Inexorable in a sentence

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Synonym: adamantadamantinegrimintransigentrelentlesssternunappeasableunforgivingunrelentingSimilar words: inexorablyadorablefavorableunfavorableinexplicableparablebearableendurableMeaning: [ɪn'eksərəbl]  adj. 1. not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty 2. impervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, reason. 
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1 Who can halt Woods' inexorable progress towards yet another championship?
2 This trend is inexorable.
3 During 1939 the approach of war seemed inexorable.
4 There was no inexorable train of logic which led from that day to the Holocaust.
5 The inexorable logic does not, however, establish that the result is morally or socially desirable.
6 The directive signals an inexorable process towards liberalization, but with many details left open and implications poorly understood.
7 Whipped by bad fortune, surrendering to the inexorable gravity of downward-sliding consequences, Edna enforced home order without compromise.
8 The endless repetition strikes one as inexorable, like a recurring dream.
9 The future is inexorable for all of them; for some it is set like a trap.
10 The so-called laws of nature are regarded as inexorable givens.
11 The steady inexorable process of exploitation, with great cost to the environment, has gone on and on.
12 From his discovery things had followed an inexorable path, like the water's tight spiral down into the whirlpool's mouth.
13 Nevertheless, the doctors were inexorable, and there was nothing to be done but accept the verdict.
14 His jealousy sets him on an inexorable course towards murder.
15 It is the inexorable quality of differentness which seems so evil here.
16 She was the tide, and Rohan her inexorable moon, beckoning her without mercy to some unknown strand.
17 This is an inexorable law governing social advancement.
18 Diana River had designated her brother inexorable as death.
19 His own career continues its inexorable ascent.
20 The inexorable work goes on, without end, without pause.
21 But because this group of people is isolated, the routines may assume a particularly tedious, inexorable character.
22 There was little to be done to prevent this inexorable build up of pressure from the roots.
23 And, as the wheel of fortune continues on its inexorable cycle, values are likely to start going up again soon.
24 Deaths and disclosures, universal and particular, denouements both unexpected and inexorable, transvestite melodrama on all levels including the suggestive.
25 The Labour Party, riven by schism and self-doubt, seemed in long-term, inexorable decline, for sociological as well as ideological reasons.
26 Up to the point of overload and pressure, you might say that the inexorable logic of the Hay Fever Theory does hold.
27 Grass road verges have almost vanished, whittled away by the volume of traffic and the inexorable weight of tractor wheels.
28 In this vast Adrar desert, which borders Western Sahara,[] an inexorable drought governs nature and man.
29 The most famous face of all has slipped in during the seemingly inexorable rise in predicted numbers of Conservative seats.
30 The disease does not go away if one ignores it: progressive decline is inexorable.
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