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Incarcerate in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-01-10Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: gaolimmureimprisonjailjuglagput awayput behind barsremandSimilar words: scarcelyberateoperatedesperatemoderatetoleratefederategenerateMeaning: [ɪn'kɑrsəreɪt /-'kɑːs-]  v. lock up or confine, in or as in a jail. 
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(1) They were incarcerated for the duration of the war.
(2) Thousands of dissidents have been interrogated or incarcerated.
(3) He was incarcerated for years.
(4) He spent nearly half his life incarcerated in prison.
(5) It can cost $40,000 to $50,000 to incarcerate a prisoner for a year.
(6) We were incarcerated in that broken elevator for four hours.
(7) Carter spent 19 years incarcerated in New Jersey on murder charges.
(8) These problems and a long evening incarcerated below decks without fresh air were giving her a headache.
(9) His failed attempts in seducing the young woman angered him to the point of incarcerating her.
(10) Then the rest of the neighborhood brats also incarcerate their parents.
(11) She'd been incarcerated for thirty years or so, poor imbecile.
(12) Incarcerated in Terry's room, they made do with sandwiches for dinner, and endless cups of tea.
(13) Ted is incarcerated in California, awaiting trial on murder charges.
(14) Here, Drachenfels incarcerated a courtesan who displeased him, and inflicted a dreadful curse on her.
(15) Incarcerate me, sirs, I am a free born man!
(16) He incarcerate in a stone tower.
(17) But I must keep incarcerate him.
(18) Limits court authority to incarcerate offenders who commit certain drug crimes(, break drug treatment rules or violate parole.
(19) Why do you incarcerate yourself in the room every afternoon?
(20) She has been in an abusive marriage; he has been incarcerated for six years.
(21) Much of the old building was still in disrepair when the brothers were incarcerated.
(22) After that, suspects deemed to be an ongoing risk to national security can be incarcerated indefinitely by the home affairs minister.
(23) There are too many people on death row who are innocent of the crimes for which they are incarcerated.
(24) Many early studies, for example, were seriously flawed by their exclusive use of incarcerated offenders as samples of criminals.
(25) It does not follow that increases in crime accompanied by increased numbers of convictions necessarily entails more people being incarcerated.
(26) Without effective treatment, many patients, like this lawyer, wind up homeless or incarcerated.
(27) If a kid is on parole and his parole officer wishes to incarcerate him, there would be no room.
(28) For it was they, and their ox little abbot, who plotted to incarcerate me in this dungeon hall for an eternity.
(29) And that right now we can no longer afford to incarcerate, see, more than two million people, and take them not only out of workforce, but keeping them away from information of knowledge of literacy.
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