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Identical twin in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2016-12-27Updated:2016-12-27
Similar words: identicalidentificationidentifyidentityresidentialpresidentialenthusiasticallyenticementMeaning: n. either of two twins developed from the same fertilized ovum (having the same genetic material). 
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1) Identical twins develop from a single fertilized egg which then splits into two.
2) Fed on different diets, two identical twins will grow to different heights.
3) Do identical twins, who are after all clones, share a soul?
4) Although the brothers are identical twins, they have quite different temperaments.
5) Identical twins have the same genetic constitution and usually a similar upbringing.
6) Megan and Morag in a sense are genetically identical twins, but their significance is greater than that.
7) But how do these studies explain identical twins who are not identical for alcoholism?
8) Seeing double - identical twins, Georgina and Rachel Spruce 20, from Walsall.
9) Even when environmental factors were controlled by studying identical twins reared apart,( twin.html) the concordance rate remained the same.
10) If one identical twin is gay, the chances that his brother is also gay are 50 percent.
11) Enlarged ventricles have been found in an identical twin who develops schizophrenia, compared to the one who does not.
12) Incidentally, what is the concordance in schizophrenia in identical twins?
13) Identical twins, clearly, are far more concordant in general than are fraternal twins.
14) Even identical twins raised in the same home can not be assumed to have had the same experiences.
15) Surprisingly(, identical twins rarely arise from the separation into two cells at the two-cell stage.
16) They can have an identical twin which takes over should the original fail.
17) The child she would bear would be an identical twin of its father.
18) Comparing an unmarried man with his married identical twin takes genetics out of the equation and makes it more likely that you're uncovering environmental effects.
19) Well, what do you know? There goes my identical twin sister!
20) Each person's genetic code is unique except in the case of identical twins.
21) The influence of heredity is best studied in genetically identical twins.
22) Driesch and the early Spemann created clones merely by splitting very young embryos, to give identical twins or quads.
23) But this study has, for the first time, clearly demonstrated a genetic difference between concordant and discordant identical twins.
24) The study also investigates the use of novel research methodology, including the use of identical twins, and new instrumentation.
25) At every age a child was more likely to be fearful if identical twin was too.
26) Isn't it amazing that Mr. Hak - Tak and Mrs. Hak - Tak each have an identical twin!
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