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Gross income in a sentence

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1) What is her gross income before deductions?
2) A person's gross income is the money they earn before tax is deducted from it.
3) Conversely, he knows that a drop in gross income will de-motivate.
4) If adjusted gross income is high enough,[ income.html] large amounts of business expense deductions will be lost under this 2 percent formula.
5) If gross income is below £25,000, receipts and payments accounts and a statements of assets and liabilities will do.
6) Unduly large gap of household income, low gross income, unsteady expected expenses and income is one of the most important reasons restricting social investment and consumer demands.
7) Gross income and gross profit are not absolutely and synchronous increase and decrease.
8) The Bidens reported adjusted gross income of $ 333, 182 last year.
9) Adjusted gross income: A subtotal in an individual's tax return computed by deducting from gross income any business-related expenses and other deductions ...
10) Gross margin is equal to gross income divided by net sales.
11) On the gross income and the way of fixing the price in factory, we design the model depending on the theory of optimization and so we can quickly make the price.
12) Traditionally, management commission rates have ranged from 15 to 25 percent of the band's gross income.
13) Companies putting up factories at Subic can import goods for free and pay only a 5 percent tax on gross income.
14) So the recent fall in house-moving business would have cut gross income by about a fifth and net income by much more.
15) The November 1988 white paper on the loan scheme proposed a move to gross income.
16) Thus, in the top tenth of pensioner income groups(, social security contributes only a quarter of gross income.
17) The development is manifested by the fact that, the share of non-interest income in gross income is progressively increased, the activity is of great variety.
18) The Bidens donated $ 1, 885 to charity, or about 0.7 percent of their adjusted gross income.
19) Forbes said the ranking was compiled by looking at a star's past three movies and dividing their total earnings by the films' gross income to get the actor's payback figure.
20) If you've already paid for medical expenses this year totaling 7.5 percent of your adjusted gross income, you can deduct any medical costs over that amount.
21) Making monetary policy has a key assumption which requires a stabile relationship between monetary aggregate and its determinants such as gross income, interest rate or inflation.
22) The President and First Lady also reported donating $245,075 – or about 14.2% of their adjusted gross income – to 36 different charities.
23) In a letter to Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp Tuesday, Buffett revealed that his adjusted gross income last year was $62, 855, 038 and that his taxable income was $39, 814, 784.
24) Exemptions are fixed amounts per family member. Exemptions are subtracted from adjusted gross income (AGI) and phased out at high-income levels.
25) Investment multiplier is a hot spot issue concerned by decision-maker and academia recently, and it reflects the chain reaction and impetus of investment towards gross income.
26) Paying professional dues, getting certified, going to conferences and other job-related expenses are tax deductible after you've passed a certain threshold — two percent of your adjusted gross income.
27) Separate filing may benefit such couples because the adjusted gross income "floors" for taking the listed deductions will be computed separately.
28) A subtotal in an individual's tax return computed by deducting from gross income any business-related expenses and other deductions ...
29) One possibility for the gap is that he made large charitable contributions, itemized deductions that are subtracted from adjusted gross income.
30) The biggest mystery is the nearly $23 million gap between Mr. Buffett's adjusted gross income and his taxable income.
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