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Asteroid in a sentence

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Sentence count:134Posted:2017-01-04Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: star-shapedSimilar words: plaster castmasterboisterouseasternplastercholesteroldisasterpreposterousMeaning: ['æstərɔɪd]  n. any of numerous small celestial bodies composed of rock and metal that move around the sun (mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter). adj. shaped like a star. 
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1. There is an asteroid on a collision course with the Earth.
2. The largest asteroid is Ceres, which is about a quarter the size of the moon.
3. A spacecraft returning from an asteroid is not limited to carrying water.
4. The importance of Spacewatch and other asteroid search programs becomes more evident as we learn more about the impact hazard.
5. Hundreds of asteroid spectra have been compared with laboratory reflection spectra of meteorites and pure mineral samples.
6. Were this asteroid to hit an ocean, it would create massive tidal waves that would roar far inland on all continents.
7. Unfortunately, determining the physical properties of an asteroid be-fore its impact is quite challenging.
8. The spectral classes established by asteroid observers are based on the colors and total reflectivity of their targets.
9. But some, including Eros, wander out of the asteroid belt and into the inner solar system during each orbit.
10. Therefore a carbonaceous asteroid, although unlikely, can not be ruled out as an explanation of the Tunguska event.
11. The asteroid flew within 106,000 miles of Earth, which astronomers considered a near miss.
12. The pictures were taken during the spacecraft's 25-minute flyby of the asteroid.
13. Ninety-nine out of a hundred wildcatters went broke or crazy or both and abandoned their last asteroid with the equipment in situ.
14. Finally the day arrived when they were ready to begin loading the asteroid for the trip.
15. Much water has been lost for ever from Mars, blasted into space by comet and asteroid impacts.
16. Astronomers had accidentally caught a comet in the act of turning into an asteroid.
17. For operations in the region of space from Earth out to the asteroid belt, we need only extract water.
18. Clearly, the iron-nickel metal on the surface of the Moon is contributed by asteroid impacts.
19. The easiest explanation of crater duplicity is that the impacting body was an asteroid with a close satellite.
20. We followed the drawings of the little prince with his simple round face and spiky hair, standing on his asteroid world.
21. New evidence supports the theory that the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid.
22. Similarly, granting a carbonaceous object the strength of a stony asteroid would allow it to penetrate to comparable altitudes.
23. Their utility in servicing traffic from Earth to the asteroid belt is, however, dubious.
24. Closed in on herself, Jezrael felt only apathy during the flight to Spiderglass guard-school, hidden out in the asteroid belt.
25. Such ease of access means that very large masses of asteroid materials can be returned to the vicinity of Earth.
26. The narrow confines of the inner solar system seem claustrophobic compared to the asteroid belt.
26. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
27. Their aim was to capture high-resolution images of the asteroid on the way down.
28. The large majority of all Amors reach out into the heart of the asteroid belt near aphelion.
29. Noise proves nothing, Often a hen who has laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroidMark Twain 
30. We do it now on a small scale to bring the rocks into Earth orbit from the asteroid belt.
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