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Drop-off in a sentence

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Similar words: drop offat the drop of a hatdrop outon top ofdropsdrop byproposeproposedMeaning: n. 1. a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality 2. a steep high face of rock 3. a change downward drop off. v. 1. fall or diminish 2. change from a waking to a sleeping state 3. leave or unload, especially of passengers or cargo; 4. retreat 5. get worse. 
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1. Managers are concerned by a recent drop-off in sales.
2. Several cities set up drop-off bins.
3. There has been a drop-off of medical students' applications for psychiatric residencies.
4. Valley City remains a drop-off, pickup location for the company.
5. Despite the drop-off, analysts said they were encouraged by the elimination of the securities in one fell swoop.
6. A change in sales strategy is behind a drop-off in revenues, but Mark Hurd says it's all in service of more profit down the line.
7. Now Experian Hitwise is reporting a significant drop-off in Groupon traffic this summer, nearly 50% since its peak in the second week of June 2011 compared to last week.
8. Drop-off gun assemblies often are used in underbalanced perforating applications[sentence dictionary], eliminating the need to kill the well to recover the spent gun assembly.
9. The outdoor high-voltage alternating current injection type drop-off fuse has the advantages of high tightness in the on-off mechanical static matching and moving matching, and high safe performance.
10. These efforts, combined with widespread home composting, drop-off recycling, and the effects of Michigan's bottle bill, allow Ann Arbor to divert 52 percent of its waste.
11. The last 30 years has seen a considerable drop-off in median household income growth compared to earlier generations.
12. The drop-off in spam since went down had been noted by companies in the United States that monitor the Internet.
13. While cost sensitivity plays a role in this drop-off, the report data suggests that the barriers to conversion have more to do with usability and technical hurdles.
14. There hasn't been a substantial drop-off in the growth of power generation fueling China's growth.
15. The drop-off in trade has been dramatic the world over, but parts of East Asia have felt the pain more than most.
16. Yet Rubin's observations found no drop-off at all in the stars' velocities further out in a galaxy.
17. It is easier to get a taxi at passenger drop-off points than at flight arrival stands.
18. And at least one school in the U.K., is following Tesco's lead, as the NY Times parenting blog discussed, and scolding parents for showing up at drop-off in their flannels and slippers.
19. But then three months later the animated How to Train Your Dragon pulled in 68% of its revenue from 3D screens, hardly a significant drop-off.
20. Figure 2 shows the answer: reviewing faster than 400 LOC per hour results in a severe drop-off in effectiveness.
21. He said that researchers were "surprised" by the amount of drop-off in speed but that for the majority of consumers the slower connection would not be noticed.
22. Fikhman says they got the idea to open an eBay drop-off store from an article they read in Entrepreneur magazine. "It was interesting and sounded revolutionary," he says.
23. You have to drive up the mountain in low gear to get to our driveway, which is barely wide enough for one car and ends at a steep drop-off.
24. At 16, he was selling artwork in a gallery. And by 19, he was the owner of an iSoldIt eBay drop-off store franchise in Agoura Hills, California.
25. And Goodwill has employed additional workers at its three drop-off centers throughout the Shenandoah Valley.
26. But that one pass band that gives you the speaker identification has to have a variable frequency start–up and drop-off.
27. Rising affluence also has turned populous nations like China, India and Indonesia into major markets for goods, helping to make up for some of the demand drop-off from Europe and the United States.
28. Carbon financiers have already begun leaving banks in London because of the lack of activity and the drop-off in investment demand.
29. 'The financial markets may not be recognizing the risks of a sudden drop-off. They're still not used to China's outsized swings.'
30. Consumer trends expert Jeremy Baker of London Metropolitan University is forecasting a 20% drop-off rate in gym memberships over the coming months.
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