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Albatross in a sentence

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Similar words: crossgrossacrosscross outengrossget acrosspatrolmatronMeaning: ['ælbətrɒs]  n. 1. (figurative) something that hinders or handicaps 2. large web-footed birds of the southern hemisphere having long narrow wings; noted for powerful gliding flight. 
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1) Her own supporters see her as an albatross who could lose them the election.
2) The albatross can stay airborne at sea for days at a time.
3) The national debt is an albatross around the president's neck.
4) The issue has become a political albatross for the government.
5) Our only companion is the wandering albatross,[] which glides effortlessly and gracefully behind the yacht.
6) Privatization could become a political albatross for the ruling party.
7) Their wingspan exceeds that of an albatross.
8) The project became a financial albatross for the city.
9) Residents of Albatross Way have been suffering sleepless nights, plagued by rogue drivers racing their cars behind Presto supermarket.
10) The albatross may prefer high winds as it can travel huge distances in storms.
11) We identified two different types of albatross, four species of petrel, and a tern.
12) In the year before Gould's arrival a thousand albatrosses were killed on Albatross Island alone.
13) It was probably a young Black-Footed Albatross, said Rex consulting his reference guide to seabirds, and probably a young one.
14) Michael Banks was suddenly a very expensive albatross around Paul Lexington's neck.
15) I had to get rid of that albatross called my ego, but still maintain self-assurance.
16) As the captain of the Albatross raises his trumpet to answer it suddenly falls from his hands into the sea.
17) She was an albatross around his neck.
18) The albatross is the king of gliders.
19) The project is a financial alBatross from the start.
20) The term supergroup' is something of a golden albatross.
21) The project is an economic albatross from the start.
22) An albatross aloft can be a spectacular site.
23) That institution has always been an albatross on their necks.
24) The albatross - legendary protector of seafarers - is heading for extinction.
25) Her youth was a rock round her neck, her albatross.
26) The chess game reaches a very different stalemate in the case of the albatross.
27) But what began as an enlightened innovation has become an albatross around the neck of the free enterprise system.
28) Any ship that crosses the Pacific is accompanied for many days by the smaller albatross.
29) A tiger shark looking for dinner. In this instance , though , the young albatross succeeded in escaping.
30) But other than that, North Korea has proved to be a major albatross, and there is another strong power in the region, Japan, which will do everything it can to check China's military ascendency.
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