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Fledgling in a sentence

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Sentence count:58Posted:2017-02-16Updated:2017-02-16
Synonym: callowentrantfledgelingfledgelingfledglingfreshmanneophytenewbienewcomerstarterunfledgedSimilar words: glintingdanglingbunglingdouble-dealingpledgeledgerpledgedknowledgeMeaning: ['fledʒlɪŋ]  n. 1. any new participant in some activity 2. young bird that has just fledged or become capable of flying. adj. 1. (of a young bird) having acquired its flight feathers 2. young and inexperienced. 
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1. The current economic climate is particularly difficult for fledgling businesses.
2. Computing becomes an end in itself as the fledgling hacker gets sucked into the loop between the human and the computer.
3. Pan Am trained its fledgling stewardesses in Miami, Florida.
4. Software simulations have not only moved this fledgling technology along, they continue to provide an environment that nurtures testing and experimentation.
5. Jonathan Powell, 44, will join the fledgling station before its broadcasting debut on January 1.
6. In my junior year a friend, a fledgling pilot, taught me the basics of handling a small plane.
7. It was invested in fledgling biotechnology companies.
8. It seems he gave the fledgling architect his head.
9. The palm trees looked no bigger than fledgling asparagus.
10. Its fledgling Instinet system already allows fund managers to trade share parcels direct with one another, eliminating the human broker.
11. In the last six months, two fledgling dirt-shirt companies have staked claims to this earthy enterprise.
12. In New York a fledgling needle-exchange programme was scrapped last February.
13. They made a point of recruiting fledgling Latino engineers into the organization.
14. Somaliland's fledgling government has managed to successfully crack down on pirates with a robust arrest policy.
15. The development of fledgling industry should be centred on information technology, modem Biological engineering, new energies, laser and marine exploration.
16. The old-line firm just wasn't sure that the fledgling microcomputer market would be at all profitable.
17. Thriller was enthusiastically adopted by the then fledgling music television channel MTV , which launched in 1981.
18. At present, the trend is still fledgling market heavy weights, market trend is still not optimistic.
19. While Sharpton insisted that his long-shot candidacy would prevail, his fledgling campaign looked a bit ragtag.
20. The agreement angered the Bush administration which was philosophically opposed to the government becoming a venture capitalist for fledgling companies.
21. Tarsiers feed mainly on insects and their larvae but can catch small lizards, fledgling birds,[] spiders and forest mice.
22. Scott with such devices and with native gifts as a preacher brought in thousands to the fledgling movement.
23. The year I turned twenty, my sister and I began to recruit villagers from near and far for our fledgling army.
24. There is room for further co-operation between them, as well as with new, fledgling national clearinghouses.
25. Democratic reforms are beginning to take hold in this fledgling republic.
26. Peter was clearly a good deal less intimidated than some of his fledgling contemporaries.
27. The contradictions are reflected in the political arguments - and political rows - between socialist feminists and the fledgling labour movement bureaucracy.
28. The TNC said it is investigating his death, which has further divided the fledgling rebel government.
29. Its very success, however, exposes some serious flaws in a fledgling market.
30. A steep descent in an airplane like this would have blacked out a fledgling.
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