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Fling in a sentence

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Synonym: castcelebrationescapadehurllarkpitchslingspreethrowtossSimilar words: stiflingflintthe cost of livingstandard of livingclingslingailingrulingMeaning: [flɪŋ]  n. 1. a usually brief attempt 2. a brief indulgence of your impulses 3. the act of flinging. v. 1. throw with force or recklessness 2. move in an abrupt or headlong manner 3. indulge oneself 4. throw or cast away. 
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1. The athlete will have one final fling before retirement.
2. Here fling this meat to the dogs in the yard.
3. Why did you fling your money away on such a high risk?
4. It's good to fling off heavy clothing now that spring is here.
5. Fling a dress on and let's go to the party at once.
6. Don't fling your clothes about on the chair; hang them up.
7. Let's fling that old furniture away and buy some new.
8. She's had her fling and now she's got to settle down.
9. Don't fling your shoes in the cupboard,put them in neatly.
10. Don't fling your clothes into the drawer, put them in neatly.
11. He had a fling with his neighbour's wife.
12. Why did you fling in your job?
13. Tell him not to fling to the door.
14. Just fling a coat on over your pyjamas.
15. Fling back the ball to me.
16. I really must fling out all these old newspapers.
17. You shouldn't fling away a chance like that.
18. Why did you fling out that remark?
19. We had a brief fling, but it's over now.
20. Don't fling yourself at that boy.
21. You shouldn't fling up a chance like that.
22. Never fling up your studies.
23. Fling me back the ball,will you?
24. You must now fling yourself upon his mercy.
25. The criminals tried to fling off the police.
26. If it doesn't work, just fling it out.
26. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
27. Seeing him coming,the pony began to fling out.
28. They had a brief fling a few years ago.
29. She's been having a fling with her boss.
30. I always think that only the lonely and the huge bird is looking for something in it, to find it, it can be most willing to so many hundred years lonely. I like the bird, for their own ideals can fling caution to the winds.
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