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Finite in a sentence

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Antonym: infiniteSimilar words: infinitedefinitedefinitelyfinite elementaffinitydefinitiondefinitivefinishMeaning: ['faɪnaɪt]  adj. 1. bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent 2. of verbs; relating to forms of the verb that are limited in time by a tense and (usually) show agreement with number and person. 
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1. We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. 
2. The funds available for the health service are finite and we cannot afford to waste money.
3. Only a finite number of situations can arise.
4. Resources are finite, and choices have to be made between competing priorities and needs.
5. Human understanding is finite.
6. These are the finite forms of a verb.
7. The fourth dimension, time, is also finite in extent.
8. The fossil fuels are finite resources.
9. 'Am', 'is', 'are', 'was' and 'were' are the finite forms of 'be'; 'being', and 'been' are the non-finite forms.
9. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
10. We only have a finite amount of time to complete this task - we can't continue indefinitely.
11. The physical universe is finite in space and time.
12. Another possible origin of positive feedback is the finite internal impedance of the bias supply.
13. Finite State Grammars Although finite state grammars are weak they have been used in computational systems.
14. It was a case of finite time and brainpower too broadly dissipated, Taylor came to think.
15. Fig 2.1 shows a very simple finite state diagram.
16. At a given moment finite time came into existence out of infinite time.
17. The electrical problem arises from the finite time it takes a signal to travel across a chip.
18. The earth has a finite number of resources which we must protect.
19. There would be an infinite number of finite remainders that were not determined by the theory.
20. There isn't a finite amount of love to go round so there's a danger some one else might nick your share.
21. On the contrary, they are partners for a finite amount of time usually dedicated to a finite objective.
22. The world's resources are finite.
23. The use of parallel processing in finite element analysis.
24. The finite age of the universe is measured in proper time.
25. It is quite possible that space and time are finite.
26. This class consisted of curved spaces without singularities, which were of finite size but which did not have boundaries or edges.
27. So in three dimensions inversion turns an infinite plane into a finite sphere in a one-to-one mapping of every point.
28. Player A's strategy is linear in z for both the finite and the infinite horizon models.
29. In the following, small letters represent natural numbers and capital ones, finite sets of natural numbers.
30. Recall that the internal states of our device are to be finite in number.
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