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Facile in a sentence

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Sentence count:55Posted:2016-09-05Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: eloquentfluentsilversilver-tonguedsmooth-spokenSimilar words: facilityfacilitatefacilitiesfaciesface to facepencilcouncilacidMeaning: ['fæsl /'fæsaɪl]  adj. 1. arrived at without due care or effort; lacking depth 2. performing adroitly and without effort 3. expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively. 
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1. She has a facile tongue.
2. We must avoid facile recriminations about who was to blame.
3. It seems too facile to blame everything on his mishandling of the crisis.
4. Hence the need to avoid mutual recriminations, facile accusations and scapegoats.
5. It is facile to attribute all childhood problems to poor parenting or social circumstances.
6. In these circumstances facile and fallacious deductions about the consequences of having abolished the death penalty were bound to be rife.
7. It muddles facile loathing of a parody bureaucracy with the great issues of statesmanship.
8. A fifth mistaken approach is the facile assertion that opponents are being inconsistent.
9. It is facile to employ cost of living indices or indices of neo-natal mortality without knowing how the figures are calculated.
10. A crude or facile narrative technique will inevitably fail to achieve the desired ideological objective.
11. The senator is known for making facile judgments on current issues.
12. Munro never lets you get away with a facile[], one-dimensional take.
13. Every society must be protected from a too facile flow of thought.
14. His writing lacks depth for being facile.
15. He proposed a facile solution to a complex problem.
16. He has a facile imagination in writing.
17. She is a facile speaker.
18. Her facile nature adapted herself to any company.
19. The facile answer is a multimethod approach.
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20. What he said is a facile remark.
21. He has a ready and facile pen.
22. Her facile nature adapted itself to any company.
23. That was a facile victory.
24. His playing is facile and unstrained.
25. That is only a facile answer.
26. A facile preparation with high yield of pyrazolone derivatives from 3-methyl-1-phenyl-pyrazolone-5 and benzenecarbonyl chloride was studied, and the product was characterized by TLC.
27. The subject of racism is admittedly too complex for facile summarization.
28. During a given project, the collaboratory notices and remembers which of us are good, even facile, at which tasks.
29. When Gyggle first explained this experiment to me I almost laughed at how facile it was.
30. Some tragedy consoles, after all, and it is arguable that some of its consolations are facile and false.
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