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Expropriate in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-03-20Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: appropriateappropriatelymisappropriateappropriationproprietyproprietorproprietaryexpatriateMeaning: [eks'prəʊprɪeɪt]  v. deprive of possessions. 
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1. Legislation was introduced to expropriate land from absentee landlords and redistribute it to peasants.
2. They wanted to expropriate a three-mile strip along the river, 159 acres in size.
3. Threats to expropriate, always a gimmick to increase popularity, never materialised.
4. The grateful colonists used the opportunity to expropriate the cattle and other assets of the fugitives.
5. If it were to expropriate their property it would have to compensate them with scarce foreign exchange.
6. The state may, for the public interest, expropriate or take over land for public use, and pay compensation in accordance with the law.
7. The State can expropriate lands with certain compensation for the needs of public interests in accordance of the law according to the 10th provision in "Constitution ".
8. Another popular money-making scheme saw some "greedy princes" expropriate land from commoners.
9. Campbell reported that it would require $ 375, 000 to expropriate the land needed.
10. The prime minister, Valdis Dombrovskis, is refusing to make the spending cuts mandated by international lenders and has floated a new law that would partially expropriate foreign banks' loan books.
11. " shall be modified as "The state may, for the public interest, expropriate or take over land for public use, and pay compensation in accordance with the law.
12. It is a difficult job and a topic of general interest in the present reform of cultivated land expropriation system to expropriate land according to price of the cultivated land.
13. Monetary inflation, then, acts as a hidden "tax" by which the early receivers expropriate (i.e., gain at the expense of) the late receivers.
14. The State may, in the interest of the public, lawfully expropriate or requisition land and give compensation accordingly.
15. Private capitalists in contrary to what was done in the advanced Western countries over hundreds of years did not have the chance to expropriate the accumulated state wealth then.
16. Analyses in property rightindicate that dissymmetry between residual claim rights and residual rights of control offers controlling shareholders an opportunity to expropriate minority shareholders.
17. "We are agents of the Committee, and we have a warrant to expropriate this house, " announced one of the guards, a short and plump man with a heavy black beard.
18. Propertyrights is a fundamental civil rights, for the common interests, public power can expropriate and limit it by law, but it should be given administrative compensation.
19. And then the masses of impoverished workers would finally rebel and expropriate the riches of the wealthy proprietors.
20. Poland, as soon as declared independence and established official government borders (autumn 1918), decided to stake a claim to expropriate Lithuanian Vilnius region, Belarus and half of Ukraine.
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21. If after 5 years the land owner has not subdivided, used or build on a parcel of land, the municipality can expropriate the land.
22. Now this brings us to Gates's key concept: what does it mean to expropriate other people's traditions, more particularly the white tradition, and what is the advantage of doing so?
23. If they try to stop production he said, I'll expropriate them and pay nothing.
24. A year later, he reportedly denounced her as a "counter-revolutionary worm" after she started selling off the cattle on their mother's estate before he could expropriate the land.
25. The Municipal Government may, in line with public interest requirements, expropriate land in accordance with legal provisions.
26. To implement such a programme, we have to break the control of big business over the wealth of our countries and expropriate the large banks and financial institutions under workers' control.
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