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Et cetera in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2016-10-19Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: veteraninveteratemetercemeterykilometerdeterioratespeedometerafter all
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(1) Ecstasy to despair to false hope, et cetera.
(2) Here wading naked into the waters of paradise, et cetera.
(3) paint, brushes, ladders, lamps, et cetera.
(4) I don't do counseling, therapy, et cetera. I do experiments in a laboratory.
(5) KING: So there was no clash over what you would record or what kind of music you were singing ,et cetera?
(6) "The current leadership of Israel, be it Kadima, be it Labor, be it Likud, et cetera, are for the most part just a bunch of opportunists, " he said.
(7) If you need moisturizing, choose an oil-free moisturizer that contains humectants such as glycerin, Na-PCA and hyaluronic acid, et cetera (see ingredients table in the feature article of cosmetics).
(8) The translational partition function times the vibrational partition function, times the rotational partition function[], et cetera.
(9) This eliminates the guess work from both parties, such as: are they going to ask, is it too late, et cetera.
(10) Wright's games have always been modular, allowing for lucrative expansion packs and spinoffs: SimFarm, Sims 2: Apartment Life, Spore: Galactic Adventures, et cetera.
(11) He looked at the pictures on the wall, and in the corner of the room, and bent down to look under the table, et cetera.
(12) These dichotomies (between efficiency versus correctness, efficiency versus programmer time, efficiency versus high-level, et cetera.) are bogus.
(13) European countries — especially northern European countries: Switzerland, Denmark, et cetera — tend to be happier than we are in these surveys.
(14) OK. The next largest element has to end up in the second last spot. Et cetera. All right, so it's called bubble sort because it does this bubbling up until it gets there.
(15) They are interlinked with other elements like good governance and the rule of law, economic opportunity, et cetera.
(16) You're better off helping your server process less HTTP requests, off-loading media to Amazon S3, et cetera.
(17) Working group 2 may also consider whether it is practical to add new features to support networking, threads, internationalization, foreign-function interfaces, et cetera.
(18) And we have two species reacting to form another species, or bimolecular stuff, et cetera.
(19) They taught you how to smoke a cigarette, gamble, eat excessively, et cetera, and they may have even taught you this unaware.
(20) And it needs your contributions of furniture, paint, brushes, ladders, lamps, et cetera.
(21) LELYVELD: You just addressed the last part of my question, though also you say in your article China's not going to attack a U.S. carrier any time soon, et cetera.
(22) A real angel, sporting fancy wings that sparkle bright as snow, a heart in the shape of a Star of David, et cetera, et cetera.
(23) OK. In general you could extend this analysis to include vibrations, rotations, energy in a magnetical field, electric field, et cetera. Any questions?
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