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Enclosure in a sentence

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Synonym: enclosingenvelopmentinclosurenatural enclosureSimilar words: foreclosureenclosedexposurecomposurediscomposurenomenclatureloinclothcloseMeaning: [-əʊʒə]  n. 1. artifact consisting of a space that has been enclosed for some purpose 2. the act of enclosing something inside something else 3. a naturally enclosed space 4. something (usually a supporting document) that is enclosed in an envelope with a covering letter. 
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1. We were led to a fenced enclosure.
2. There's a special enclosure where you can look at the horses before the race starts.
3. I received your enclosure with gratitude.
4. The only enclosure was a formal compliments slip from the accounts department.
5. An early example of privatization was the enclosure of public land for private use by wealthy landlords.
6. She keeps a horse in that enclosure.
7. This enclosure was so vast that the outermost wall could hardly be seen.
8. The corners of the enclosure were ornamented by sculptured funerary lions devouring stags.
9. The cemetery lay within a high walled enclosure at the back of the Old Delhi Idgah.
10. There was a wide, cobbled enclosure, flanked on all sides by sagging black buildings.
11. Candidates who wanted enclosure were burned in effigy, their supporters wheeled about in muck-carts in the robust eighteenth-century fashion.
12. If such an enclosure existed it would presumably, as at Corbridge, have been fortified by a masonry wall.
13. The landscape of parliamentary enclosure at Oare on Exmoor Somerset.
14. It follows the enclosure line and lets the reader know of anyone else who received the letter.
15. Beyond them, beyond this enclosure(, the lush countryside meanders to its low horizon.
16. The mare thrashes about in the enclosure for a moment, then finds an opening and moves easily through it.
17. For all his enclosure he seemed remarkably in touch with the world.
18. She saw Tig standing on the enclosure wall, his arms stretched out to the sides, his head thrown back.
19. The landscape of parliamentary enclosure on King s Sedgemoor Somerset Levels.
20. A mentally ill man was mauled after climbing into the lions' enclosure at London Zoo.
21. With a few loud whistles, they drove the donkeys out of the enclosure.
22. No petty official was going to stop Philip from getting into the enclosure. He would just snap his fingers at them.
23. Another reason for such sharp changes of alignment in otherwise straight enclosure roads is parish boundaries.
24. But this time, not to shadow-box, to merely practice circling and throwing punches inside the roped enclosure.
25. That was the last and only rebel that ventured within sight, the rest remaining in their safe, iron-walled enclosure.
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26. The heavy black lines represent the boundaries of the separate allotments made to private owners by the enclosure commissioners.
27. She glanced up to see a familiar trim figure strolling languidly out of the entrance to the Members' Enclosure.
28. Even today, seven hundred years after it was built, the vast walled enclosure is still an impressive sight.
29. During the reign of Elizabeth, the Wealdmoors in Shropshire were a battleground between rival landlords intent on drainage and enclosure.
30. The method by which the board is going to be mounted into the enclosure.
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