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Closeness in a sentence

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Sentence count:86Posted:2017-03-15Updated:2017-03-15
Similar words: obtusenessfalsenessclosecloserclosetclose toclose upclosestMeaning: ['kləʊsnɪs]  n. 1. a feeling of being intimate and belonging together 2. the quality of being close and poorly ventilated 3. the spatial property resulting from a relatively small distance 4. extreme stinginess 5. characterized by a lack of openness (especially about one's actions or purposes) 6. close or warm friendship. 
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1. A closeness grew up between the two girls.
2. A special closeness is supposed to exist between twins.
3. She had never had the physical or emotional closeness that she needed.
4. How do you find an acceptable balance between closeness and distance in a relationship?
5. I asked whether her closeness to her mother ever posed any problems.
6. Closeness was measured in rotor diameters.
7. She smelled his closeness, rank and foxy.
7. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
8. And, of course, empathy creates a closeness between you and your child.
9. A strange closeness developed, a shorthand, a kind of telepathy.
10. Bush's shaky mandate was partly due to the closeness of the election vote and the legal wrangling afterwards.
11. There is also a strong sense of closeness to the United States.
12. And maybe he continues to feel our boyish closeness undiminished.
13. The superficial evidence for the closeness of the race is everywhere.
14. If closeness is unseemly when money and politics intertwine[], it is not always determinative.
15. A combinatory method loses some of the prestigious closeness to scientific rigour which a feminist psychology with a conventional method retains.
16. Despite my closeness over a long period to Harold Wilson, I was certainly not close to his publicised cronies.
17. But there was also, despite the overt antagonism between them, a growing closeness too.
18. All of these assays are similarly dependent 011 the closeness with which the unknown species and the standard react with the binder.
19. She looked at him in silence, wondering if insanity was being used as an excuse for their previous closeness.
20. And as they get older, they do everything conceivable to relieve that anxiety of that closeness.
21. First, it may be difficult for them to relinquish the closeness and identification with their twin in favour of a marriage partner.
22. The frequency in other family members is directly related to the closeness of the genetic relationship.
23. This denigrated order is highly creative and productive, and women's closeness to each other persists within it.
24. More important in establishing his general dominance was his closeness to the crown.
25. I had imagined that friendship meant giving up privacy, and closeness meant complete submersion in the other person.
26. As the Reidys' lives clearly show, sharing parenting helps to maintain mutual respect and closeness in a marriage.
27. Since smiling is an extremely powerful reinforcer, this visual interaction is important in bringing about the closeness of parent and child.
28. Runnymede offered a most appropriate site for such a memorial on account of its historical associations and its closeness to London and Heathrow.
29. Must people identity coldness with hostility and deprivation; warmth with friendliness, nourishment, closeness and intimacy.
30. Some babies need more sucking, not only for nourishment but for comfort and closeness.
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