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Disapprove in a sentence

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Synonym: disfavorfrown uponobject toopposeAntonym: acknowledgeadmitapproverecognizeSimilar words: approveapprove ofdisappearapprovalproveprovenapproachproverbMeaning: [‚dɪsə'pruːv]  v. 1. consider bad or wrong 2. deem wrong or inappropriate. 
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1) I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. 
2) I am sorry I must disapprove your action.
3) I knew my parents would disapprove, but I went anyway.
4) Most people disapprove of such violent tactics.
5) Her parents disapprove of her going to dances alone.
6) One gets the impression that they disapprove.
7) I strongly disapprove of under-age drinking.
8) There are those who disapprove of all forms of gambling.
9) I disapprove of the depiction of violence on television.
10) My parents disapprove of sex before marriage .
11) I disapprove of diets; it's better to eat sensibly.
12) He would doubtless disapprove of what Kelly was doing.
13) The workers strongly disapprove of the firm's new methods on the assembly line.
14) Animal conservationists disapprove of experimenting on animals.
15) Tracey would strongly disapprove if he knew whom she was calling.
16) Non-smokers often disapprove of smokers.
17) Most fundamentalist churches disapprove of homosexuals[],( and many leaders of the religious right have aggressively campaigned against gay rights.
18) Of course Jeeves would disapprove: but then he is a hard man to please.
19) I strongly disapprove of needless bloodshed, be the blood flowing from human veins or otherwise.
20) I strongly disapprove of any form of gambling.
21) Whenever others disapprove of you, you must disregard them and be the only one to judge your own decisions and actions. Amy Tan 
22) The survey showed that 32% of respondents approve, 54% disapprove and the rest are undecided.
23) I don't object to what she says, but I strongly disapprove of her manner of saying it.
24) She wants to be an actress, but her parents disapprove.
25) Many teachers have joined the chorus of voices that disapprove of the new tests.
26) Naturally, if some one has a characteristic you strongly disapprove of you will rate them as being more favourable and vice-versa.
27) Even when other people around us do things we disapprove of, we don't have to follow their example.
28) The underwriter led the team and was charged with full authority to approve or disapprove applications.
29) I try more and more to be myself, caring relatively little whether people approve or disapproveVincent van Gogh 
30) Gay marriage has emerged as an explosive social issue, with polls indicating that most voters strongly disapprove of it.
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