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Disastrous in a sentence

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Synonym: blackcalamitousfatalfatefulSimilar words: disasterastronomerobstreperousdisableddisagreedisappeardisabilitystrongMeaning: [-trəs]  adj. (of events) having extremely unfortunate or dire consequences; bringing ruin. 
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1. A disastrous business venture lost him thousands of dollars.
2. After the disastrous collapse accident the bodies were too badly mangled to be recognized.
3. The disastrous merger demonstrated the incompatibility of the two companies.
4. Her investment had disastrous consequences: she lost everything she owned.
5. The radiation leak has had a disastrous effect on/upon the environment.
6. We had a disastrous camping holiday.
7. Carelessness in driving often results in disastrous accidents.
8. Climate change could have disastrous effects on Earth.
9. Last year's figures were little short of disastrous.
10. In 1925 a disastrous fire swept through the museum.
11. The economic position of the country is disastrous.
12. The project has been disastrous for the bank in terms of public relations.
13. The first four years of government were completely disastrous.
14. They told Jacques Delors a disastrous world trade war must be avoided at all costs.
15. The decision was disastrous in political terms.
16. My disastrous exam results dealt the coup de grace to my university career.
17. This decision will have a disastrous impact on foreign policy.
18. The rise in interest rates will be disastrous as far as small firms are concerned.
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19. I tried to repaint the kitchen walls with disastrous results.
20. It was a disastrous start to the season for the team.
21. Lowering interest rates could have disastrous consequences for the economy.
22. The foreign minister intervened with disastrous results.
23. After a disastrous first half the team fought back to level the match.
24. Their decision to sell the house was a disastrous misjudgement.
25. Building a new factory there would be environmentally disastrous.
26. Careless talk can be disastrous for a business.
27. His original idea was good, but his execution of the scheme was disastrous.
28. If you tell a person to "step on it" or "throw on your coat," they may take you literally, with disastrous consequences.
29. If word got out now, a scandal could be disastrous.
30. He believed that the policies were both wrong and electorally disastrous.
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