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Float in a sentence

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Sentence count:230+7 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-19Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: hold upraftsustainSimilar words: boatloangoatloadthroata load offlourflowMeaning: [fləʊt] n. 1. the time interval between the deposit of a check in a bank and its payment 2. the number of shares outstanding and available for trading by the public 3. a drink with ice cream floating in it 4. an elaborate display mounted on a platform carried by a truck (or pulled by a truck) in a procession or parade 5. a hand tool with a flat face used for smoothing and finishing the surface of plaster or cement or stucco 6. something that remains on the surface of a liquid. v. 1. be in motion due to some air or water current 2. be afloat; stay on a liquid surface; not sink 3. set afloat 4. circulate or discuss tentatively; test the waters with 5. move lightly, as if suspended 6. put into the water 7. make the surface of level or smooth 8. allow (currencies) to fluctuate 9. convert from a fixed point notation to a floating point notation. 
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(1) People seem to float in and out of my life.
(2) I wasn't sure if the raft would float.
(3) We lashed together anything that would float to make a raft.
(4) When you're tired of swimming, just float for a while.
(5) The government decided to allow the peso to float freely.
(6) We waited for the tide to float the boat off the sandbank.
(7) The government has decided to float the pound.
(8) They float the logs down the river to the towns.
(9) An empty bottle will float.
(10) You can float very easily in/on the Dead Sea because it's so salty.
(11) I'll have a coke float please.
(12) The logs float down the river.
(13) Russia decided to float the rouble on the foreign exchange market.
(14) Can you float on your back?
(15) There is enough water in the harbour to float a fleet of ship.
(16) Cork can float on water.
(17) If it's made of wood it will float.
(18) There wasn't enough water to float the ship.
(19) She stopped rowing and let the boat float with the stream.
(20) Try and float on your back.
(21) Strange thoughts float into my mind when I am nearly asleep.
(22) It was decided to float the pound because a fixed value was damaging exports.
(23) Let me float a couple of ideas.
(24) Strange thoughts float through my mind when I am nearly asleep.
(25) I'll have a root beer float(, please.
(26) In the dream my feet leave the ground and I start to float upwards.
(27) He tossed the bottle into the waves and watched it float out to sea.
(28) 59 per cent of people believed the pound should be allowed to float freely.
(29) A fresh egg will sink and an old egg will float.
(30) An outsize cotton shoes was mounted on a huge float and paraded through the main street.
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