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Browse in a sentence

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Sentence count:157+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-30Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: feedgrazereadscanSimilar words: browneyebrowbrowbeatas followsbrotherbrookbroadbronzeMeaning: [braʊz]  n. 1. reading superficially or at random 2. the act of feeding by continual nibbling. v. 1. shop around; not necessarily buying 2. feed as in a meadow or pasture 3. look around casually and randomly, without seeking anything in particular 4. eat lightly, try different dishes. 
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1. I stopped in several bookstores to browse.
2. We had a quick browse around the shops.
3. We went for a browse around an antique shop.
4. The gift shop is well worth a browse.
5. You are welcome to come in and browse.
6. I had a browse through the books on his desk.
7. Slow music encourages supermarket-shoppers to browse longer but spend more.
8. Browse around our well-stocked Museum Shop.
9. He was reluctant to let us browse without instruction.
10. You should browse in your local art shop.
11. I could browse bohemian bookstores in far-off, mysterious Hollywood.
11. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
12. Learn to browse, seeking out unfamiliar authors and new books alike.
13. You may browse in the shops without being shadowed or prodded into buying.
14. To browse the groups, click inside the Newsgroups window and scroll up and down using your arrow keys or mouse wheel.
15. In the next window, browse to the file's location on your hard drive and select it, then click Next.
16. Users now wanted to connect to the Internet, browse the World Wide Web, send e-mail and read newsgroup messages.
17. The pier will bring more tourists, who will browse the boutiques and souvenir stores before boarding their ship at night.
18. Occasionally I treated myself to a half hour browse in a bookshop.
19. Both love algae and probably browse it away before it can get a foothold.
20. Employers could post job openings and browse through the resumes of job seekers.
21. But the software functions that allow users to browse the internet could possibly be kept with the Windows company.
22. We browse through my cookbooks, perusing recipes[], not as formulas or prescriptions but as hints and inspirations for impromptu inventions.
23. Browse through this brochure and you will begin to see what we mean.
24. The Browns started to browse along the wall, and, in ones and twos, other parents made their entrances.
25. A Maslow footnote sent me to the library to browse through books on the creative processes of mathematicians and scientists.
26. There's time to stop off here and there and browse around the shops.
27. It is therefore a simple matter to find a particular topic, and also to browse profitably through the book.
28. Controlled by a hand-held remote with a small built-in keyboard, it would be used to browse the World Wide Web.
29. They want to use a customised version to help their overseas operatives communicate home and browse without blowing their cover.
30. Closer by, red foxes scamper along Further Lane and deer browse near the front door.
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