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Fluid in a sentence

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Synonym: flowingliquidwateryAntonym: soliditySimilar words: influentialliquidguidanceguidelineMeaning: ['fluːɪd]  n. 1. a substance that is fluid at room temperature and pressure 2. a continuous amorphous substance that tends to flow and to conform to the outline of its container: a liquid or a gas. adj. 1. subject to change; variable 2. characteristic of a fluid; capable of flowing and easily changing shape 3. smooth and unconstrained in movement 4. in cash or easily convertible to cash 5. affording change (especially in social status). 
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(1) Fluid includes both gasses and liquids.
(2) The situation is still fluid.
(3) Well, we have not enough fluid capital.
(4) Air is a fluid but not a liquid.
(5) The blood vessels may leak fluid, which distorts vision.
(6) Mercury is a fluid substance.
(7) The fluid can be drawn off with a syringe.
(8) Air is a fluid but not a liquid,[] while water is both a fluid and a liquid.
(9) Fluid flows back into the tiny blood vessels by osmosis.
(10) The weather is fluid in summer.
(11) The forehand stroke should be fluid and well balanced.
(12) Sickness may develop from inadequate fluid intake.
(13) Eating too much salt can cause fluid retention.
(14) It's a highly fluid situation.
(15) Many people with heart problems suffer from fluid retention.
(16) You've got fluid in the joint.
(17) Surgeons siphoned off fluid from his left lung.
(18) The military situation is still very fluid.
(19) Retaining excess fluid could be a problem.
(20) Did the cleaning fluid work ?
(21) Air will compress but the brake fluid won't.
(22) The plant exudes a sticky fluid.
(23) The fluid was sucked from his lungs.
(24) The doctor drew off some fluid to relieve the pressure.
(25) You can add the fluid to the powder, or, conversely(, the powder to the fluid.
(26) Flies disgorge digestive fluid onto their food to soften it up.
(27) During fever a large quantity of fluid is lost in perspiration.
(28) I think we should try and keep our arrangements fluid at this stage.
(29) If you have a fever you should drink plenty of fluid.
(30) Air whether in the gaseous or liquid state is a fluid.
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