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Blubber in a sentence

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Similar words: rubberrobberyblueberryflabbergastedclubblueabbessbluffMeaning: ['blʌbə]  n. 1. an insulating layer of fat under the skin of whales and other large marine mammals; used as a source of oil 2. excess bodily weight. v. 1. cry or whine with snuffling 2. utter while crying. 
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1 The baby whale develops a thick layer of blubber to protect it from the cold sea.
2 The whale is rich in blubber.
3 She started to blubber like a child.
4 She has lost most of her blubber and she is starving.
5 A large piece of whale blubber, bearing the marks of fleshing knives, has been discovered off west Falkland.
6 The blubber was probably considered to be a valuable dietary supplement to help counter the effects of the cold weather.
7 Moving closer, Miles watched as strips of blubber were placed along with heated stones into canoes filled with water.
8 Aquatic birds and mammals, equipped with subcutaneous blubber, may also have a covering of fur or feathers.
9 Here he found remains of structures for rendering blubber into whale oil.
10 Large quantities of unused frozen meat and blubber have been found on rubbish dumps after recent drives.
11 Elsewhere,( Roy and Barry opened Blubber Cars minicabs-a shrewd move in a square which no one ever leaves.
12 Polar bears prefer eating blubber to meat.
13 The blubber rendered down into oil.
14 The whale blubber is rendered down to make oil.
15 Now ! I am in process of blubber ! Ask for god, please let her come back!
16 Hardly blubber , the energy - using tissue turns out to be one step away from muscle.
17 Who cry me a river , blubber - tooth tiger. Have some fun.
18 Many studies hit linked blubber to watching television and that interlock is possible due to inactivity, lunette de soleil, Hirsch said. But perhaps entertaining shows are too tributary.
19 Take some exercise and get rid of some of that blubber!
20 I have it on good authority that the whale thinks that this ballyhoo is a bunch of, well, blubber.
21 Is it the thin grayish covering, or is it the twelve to fifteen inch layer of blubber which surrounds his body?
22 The adornment, thought Eloise smugly, would not sit well amidst so much blubber.
23 They chewed at it until, softened, it yielded, like blubber or leather, to their understanding.
24 A crew of men sets to work stripping the great whale of its blubber.
25 The feet pose particular problems since they cannot be covered with insulationform of feathers or blubber.
26 Figures show that hunts in 2010 have produced about 550 tonnes of pilotmeat and blubber for the archipelago's 49, 000 inhabitants, meaning 11kg ofwhale for every islander.
27 The southern elephant seal too would be brought low, killed in great numbers for the oil rendered from its blubber.
28 Surrounded by snow and ice, an Aleut hunter slices slabs of raw whale blubber for dinner.
29 The bolt, when shot into the whale , would excise a plug of skin and blubber.
30 Once whales wear hunted for whale - bone as well as for blubber.
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