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Python in a sentence

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Sentence count:155Posted:2017-03-30Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: PythonSimilar words: marathonmythscytheby thenby thisby the wayrhythmanythingMeaning: ['paɪθɑn /'paɪθn]  n. 1. large Old World boas 2. a soothsaying spirit or a person who is possessed by such a spirit 3. (Greek mythology) dragon killed by Apollo at Delphi. 
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1, very large python of southeast Asia.
2, I found myself in front of the reticulated python.
3, Along came a man carrying a large python.
4, He says his favourite Monty Python sketch is the one about Jean-Paul Sartre.
5, Some species of python have been measured at over 28 feet long.
6, Our great secret with Python was we got rid of punchlines.
7, Others, such as the Delphic Python, live in dark moist caves.
8, A student discovered the 12-foot python coiled in a corner of the classroom.
9, But in the case of Python that could not be more inappropriate.
10, Fixed Python exception in plotlist mouseover help.
11, Python enables programs to be written compactly and readably.
12, In Python,[] assignment is not an expression.
13, I see you caught yourself a Reticulated Python.
14, Python strings are immutable sequences of bytes or characters.
15, Using Pippy involves entering Python commands.
16, Floating-point values in Python are always done in double precision; hence, Python float types correspond to doubles in a C-like language.
17, In addition, Python makes it easy to determine a variable's type, using the type function.
18, However, unlike a Python dictionary, to actually pull off the value within a key, we have to look at the .value attribute for the key.
19, He opened up a cage and lifted out a 6ft python.
20, A tongue or a mouse's tail retracts within the lipless smile of a green tree python.
21, Who wanted to go to the Snake Park in Nairobi and pay two shillings just to see a python?
22, At first it appeared to be empty, but then, on the dappled ground, I saw a rock python.
23, It was like the search for the Holy Grail, but more like the Monty Python film version.
24, Chapman had died of cancer on Wednesday on the eve of the twentieth anniversary celebration of the first Monty Python show.
25, That heroine of Assassins had distended her jaws and throat and belly by means of Polymorphine, like a python.
26, The voices were cut off as suddenly as the squeaks of a mouse were stifled by the lightning grip of his python.
27, Listing 1 presents a simple, pseudocode outline of how you can write a method in Python.
28, The Cooloola Queen drifts away from the jetty but not before the skipper excitedly reports a big brown tree python camouflaged in the limbs of a river red gum.
29, Ninety percent of the concerns that novice programmers express about the execution speed of an interpreted/byte-compiled language like Python are simply naive.
30, One alternate to object-oriented programming is functional programming, and Python offers resources to program in a functional style, as well as object oriented and procedural.
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