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Soluble in a sentence

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Antonym: unsolvableSimilar words: volubleresolutiondoubletroubletroubleddouble updouble backvolumeMeaning: ['sɑljəbl /'sɒljʊbl]  adj. 1. (of a substance) capable of being dissolved in some solvent (usually water) 2. susceptible of solution or of being solved or explained. 
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1. Uranium is soluble in sea water.
2. It is a highly soluble gas.
3. The disulphate was easily soluble in water.
4. These tablets are soluble in water.
5. The problem does not seem soluble.
5. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
6. Carotenes are insoluble in water and soluble in oils and fats.
7. Diffusion occurs between mutually soluble or miscible liquids.
8. Phenol is more soluble in alkali than in water.
9. The smaller molecule acids are soluble in water.
10. Vitamin C is water soluble.
11. Glucose is soluble in water.
12. The use of soluble chemical fertilizers is banned, as they seep into rivers and pollute the water supply.
13. Each pack contains six sachets of soluble granules which mix with water to make pleasant citrus flavour drinks.
14. Both B and C vitamins, being water soluble, can not be stored in the body and must be replaced daily.
15. These compounds are lipid soluble and therefore highly protein bound in the plasma.
16. Very quick acting, it is quickly soluble and liable to cause scorch.
17. The tissue contains soluble proteins that cause intense pain and swelling, but which are rarely lethal to man.
18. Oddly enough, however, ethanol is also soluble in oils and fats.
19. Most recently, a soluble form of the usually membrane bound ICAM-1 molecule was detected in human serum samples.
20. The copal was heat treated to make it soluble in oils and solvents.
21. Both local cells and soluble mediators participate in the intestinal inflammatory process.
22. The white chair looks soluble, as if it might crumble, collapsing into a pile of infinitesimal white flakes.
23. This technique has been used for uranium, copper, fluorine and other relatively soluble elements.
24. When albumin is placed in water, dilute salt solutions, or moderately concentrated salt solutions, it remains soluble.
25. Hemoglobin F is able to resist denaturation and remain soluble when added to an alkaline solution.
26. James Prior said unemployment levels were intolerable and Norman Tebbit said that he was going to prove that the problem was soluble.
27. As cholesterol is insoluble in water, it has to combine with a soluble protein in order to form a soluble lipoprotein.
28. For the most part, the damage is done by soluble aluminium released from soil by acid water.
29. The containers are made of peat and wood fiber laced with soluble fertilizer and peat pellets that expand when watered.
30. In accordance with the results of several other studies, this indicates that these soluble surfactants are the main determinants of luminal lytic activity.
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