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Mechanically in a sentence

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Synonym: automaticallySimilar words: mechanicalmechanical energymechanicmechanismtechnicaltechnicalitycynicallytechnical termMeaning: [mɪ'kænɪklɪ]  adv. 1. in a mechanical manner; by a mechanism 2. in a machinelike manner; without feeling. 
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1. Never copy foreign things blindly or mechanically.
2. This is a mechanically propelled vehicle.
3. He performed the movements very mechanically.
4. He nodded mechanically, his eyes fixed on the girl.
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5. She spoke mechanically, as if thinking of something else.
6. I'm not very mechanically minded .
7. The car was mechanically sound, he decided.
8. He's always been mechanically minded.
9. The air was circulated mechanically.
10. He walked on mechanically.
11. "Thank you, " replied the ticket collector mechanically as he took each ticket.
12. The warranty covers the car mechanically for a year, with unlimited mileage.
13. The actors spoke their lines mechanically, hardly caring about the meaning.
14. Then they are stoneground or mechanically milled and sieved.
15. I was moving mechanically, in stages.
16. We are rarely content to plod along mechanically.
17. As her scythe moved mechanically through the bean field, a sandy-colored hare was startled out of its hiding place.
18. This action continues quite mechanically all the time, and entirely without our conscious choice or volition.
19. I'm not mechanically minded.
20. Homogenized milk has been mechanically treated to break fat globules into minute particles and disperse them throughout the milk.
21. Mechanically the entry level Polos remain the same, bar the adoption of fuel injection.
22. They mechanically weave into intricate patterns, twirling their 10-pound rifles with the swiftness of a baton.
23. The conception about reacting mechanically to events is not a purely materialistic one, as it may seem at first sight.
24. Some of the trees are stripped off their bark and mechanically quartersawed.
25. They begin to go through motions of dancing, holding on to the steel poles that support the ceiling, jerking mechanically.
26. It should always be used with definite intention - never mechanically added to the ensemble without consciously imagining its effect.
27. She looked a bit bedraggled as she sat in the dining room, mechanically eating butter cookies from a blue glass plate.
28. Would you so react to the particular situation which confronts us now, if you were not applying the standard mechanically?
29. Rinse additives tend to be very expensive but are used in very low concentrations and are invariably mechanically dosed.
30. Like all chemical compounds, minerals are homogeneous: A mineral can not be separated mechanically into different substances.
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