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Rigor in a sentence

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Synonym: asperitycogencygrimnesshardnesshardshipharshnessinclemencyrigorousnessrigourrigourousnessseverenessseveritystiffnessvaliditySimilar words: rigorousvigorvigorousvigorouslyreinvigoratebigotpig outvigourMeaning: ['rɪgər /'rɪgə ,'raɪgɔː]  n. 1. something hard to endure 2. the quality of being logically valid 3. excessive sternness. 
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1 Rigor mortis had already set in.
2 The crime will be treated with the full rigor of the law.
3 Rigor mortis usually sets in between two and four hours after death.
4 There is a need for academic rigor in approaching this problem.
5 Sometimes I think we confuse rigidity with rigor.
6 What was all this about rigor mortis?
7 It lacks intellectual content and academic rigor.
8 Anyway, rigor is in the very early stages.
9 Their analysis lacks rigor.
10 I believe in discovery and rigor and quantitative correctness and sophisticated analysis.
11 It did not have a trace of rigor mortis,[] and was as warm as my own body.
12 I learn the importance of neatness, order, discipline, rigor, practice, and routine in learning.
13 Many other treatises incorporated the new rigor.
14 It has the virtues of brachylogy rigor and precise.
15 All the ladies dig rigor mortis.
16 Standards will seem unnecessary high; rigor will seem unwarranted.
17 Balance rigor with agility when defining project processes.
18 Results The length of sarcomere of rigor mortis without destroy is obviously shorter than that of restiffening.
19 Eventually, institutional rigor mortis will set in and the cycle will begin again.
20 However, its lack of rigor and formal semantics prevents it further developing.
21 That rigor was on display during Sander's spring-summer womenswear collection.
22 This speeds up the onset of rigor mortis by depleting muscle energy (ATP) and rapidly increasing the anaerobic glycolysis that produces lactic acid.
23 Results The length of sarcomere of rigor mortis without destory is obviously shorter than that of restiffening.
24 David Douglas wanted to generate the same enthusiasm and rigor in its other career clusters.
25 It would take nearly a book in itself to explain the scope, rigor, and stress of those tests.
26 The body was still warm and there were no signs of rigor.
27 Nor do we know anything about the quality or rigor of these experiences.
28 The project enabled SAFE to establish a system for the nimble, highly effective oversight and analytical accounting of international payments and remittances, enhancing the rigor of its regulation.
29 We have tried to keep explanations elementary without sacrificing depth of coverage and mathematical rigor.
30 Under this condition, using Situation Semantics to rebuild modal logic, trying to develop a formal system which is dynamically sensitive and mathematically rigor, determines one of the basic trends...
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