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Vertigo in a sentence

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Synonym: dizzinessgiddinesslightheadednessSimilar words: over timeverticaldivertingadvertiseadvertiseradvertisingconvertibleadvertisementMeaning: ['vɜrtɪgəʊ /'vɜː-]  n. a reeling sensation; a feeling that you are about to fall. 
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1. But this was a real vertigo of despair.
2. In the 1, 500-seat concert hall, O Vertigo Danse sold 522 seats.
3. Miscellaneous rare causes of peripheral vertigo are listed in Table 3-3.
4. But a recurring bout with vertigo caused Clark to miss the 1995 season.
5. The vertigo is less severe than that due to end-organ disease, and visual fixation inhibits neither the nystagmus nor the vertigo.
6. The vertigo faded last fall, when a doctor in West Palm Beach, Fla., began treating her.
7. But for the vertigo shot alone, a horizontal miniature was built to avoid counter-weighting the heavy VistaVision camera.
8. Ears Ringing sounds in ears, vertigo, sensitivity to loud noise, sounds seeming very distant.
9. They may have symptoms of vertebrobasilar insufficiency with vertigo or drop attacks and may have signs of myelopathy.
10. Other miscellaneous rare causes of central vertigo are listed in Table 3-4.
11. Acute cerebellar hemorrhage or infarction often presents with vertigo and headache.
12. Could you warn them about my vertigo?
13. The prognosis depends on the source of the vertigo.
14. True vertigo should be distinguished from pseudovertigo.
15. He had a dreadful attack of vertigo.
16. Other possible symptoms are ataxia, vertigo, seizures, and dysphagia.
17. The clinical manifestation comprised the sudden vertigo or unconsciousness with disturbance of eyeballs, abnormality of pupils, dyskinesia, hemianopsia and chagnes in behavior are often seen.
18. She can't stand heights and has always suffered from vertigo.
19. Next day the doctor prescribed small yellow pills for vertigo.
20. At this point I am getting that sense of logical vertigo that will become my companion throughout this journey.
21. The hearing loss may worsen with the attack of vertigo and improve after the attack subsides.
22. One of them had double pneumonia. he had a high fever and vertigo.
23. More screams and grimaces and thrashing about,(sentencedict .com) and then pure vertigo.
24. She felt like a tightrope walker suffering an attack of vertigo, terrified she was going to topple.
25. In the preponderance of cases, marked nystagmus is accompanied by a very uncomfortable feeling of vertigo. 3.
26. In the severe case he or she is extremely uncomfortable, experiencing vertigo on any head motion accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
27. He saw her and felt - as only once before he had felt - the dizzy vertigo of a fathomless falling-away.
28. Posterior fossa neoplasms or multiple sclerosis may rarely cause vertigo or hearing loss.
29. Just the thought of standing on the balcony gave her vertigo.
30. Looking down through the iron grids of the stairway, I had to fight back a helpless feeling of vertigo.
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