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Attic in a sentence

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Synonym: AtticClassical GreekbeanboncedomegarretloftnogginnoodleSimilar words: at that timeat timesattitudesettingfittingpettishforgettingblottingMeaning: ['ætɪk]  n. 1. floor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof; often used for storage 2. the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken and written in Attica and Athens 3. informal terms for a human head 4. (architecture) a low wall at the top of the entablature; hides the roof. adj. of or relating to Attica or its inhabitants or to the dialect spoken in Athens in classical times. 
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1 They hid me from the police in their attic.
2 Their new house has four storeys including the attic.
3 He housed his old books in the attic.
4 These stairs will take you up to the attic.
5 We'd better clean out the attic this week.
6 We fixed up the attic as a study.
7 He's clearing rubbish out of the attic.
8 You'll find a dusty attic up these stairs.
9 It was pitch dark in the attic.
10 We need the steps to get into the attic.
11 Lea decided to turn out the attic.
12 I unearthed the portrait from the attic.
13 They decided to give the attic a spring clean.
14 I've stored my winter clothes in the attic.
15 We're a bit cramped for space in this attic.
16 They brought all the boxes down from the attic.
17 There's a trapdoor into the attic.
18 We've given the attic over to the children.
19 We're making our attic into an extra bedroom.
20 Henry chanced upon some valuable coins in the attic.
21 I spent the day ferreting in the attic .
22 Her photography studio was a converted attic.
23 I came upon this beautiful vase in the attic.
24 I was held prisoner in a tiny attic room.
25 I've got boxes of old clothes in the attic.
26 I went to the attic and dug out Grandad's medals.
27 The idea evolved from a drawing I discovered in the attic.
28 I've cleared out all that old junk in the attic.
29 Pack these books together and put them in the attic.
30 The pest control officer put bowls of rat poison in the attic.
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