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Prattle in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2016-11-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: babbleblabchatterjabberSimilar words: rattlecattlelittle by littlelittlesettleshuttlescuttlebottledMeaning: ['prætl]  n. idle or foolish and irrelevant talk. v. speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly. 
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(1) Don't prattle about your theory. You must practise it and prove it.
(2) The lawmakers prattle on about wanting greater continuity.
(3) Whatever else you do, please avoid musicianly prattle about your favourite brand of guitar strings.
(4) To gossip: to natter, to prattle, to chatter, to tittle-tattle, to jabber, to jaw.
(5) You really shouldn't prattle on about something so trivial.
(6) Amy's happy prattle became intolerable.
(7) And after all, dear, what is idle prattle for?
(8) Just be sure not to prattle on.
(9) Don't prattle with this woman, he cautioned himself.
(10) That is whu I prattle and chatter lightly and hide my heart behind words.
(11) But ever and anon his childish prattle recurred to what impressed his imagination even more deeply than the wonders of creation.
(12) We prattle about scientific discoveries, but we have made scant use of them for our benefit.
(13) That is way I prattle and chatter lightly and hide my heart behind words.
(14) Just as Tarentino's characters in Pulp Fiction prattle relentlessly, Oshii's constantly philosophize in Innocence, addressing questions of individuality, humanity and the nature of mind and soul.
(15) That is why I prattle and chatter lightly and hide my heat behind words.
(16) Enough. You prattle on like a child reciting bits of meaningless trivialities.
(17) I can't afford to bear the deep feeling is the burden, sweet prattle.
(18) I can't afford to bear the deep feeling is the burden, sweet prattle just happened to cash lies.
(19) What a bore it was to listen to the woman's prattle!
(20) He does not like handclasp , wear a shoe or prattle.
(21) Luo Peici is jumbly the person that the guest of prattle type rich of memory attracted the numerous visit that comes from the whole world.
(22) Seined Senator Kennedy's tome tumor is in the left prattle parietal lobe of the brain.
(23) I will not have this regiment torn asunder by such cowardly prattle. Somewhere in the Province of Massachusetts Bay there is a loyal countryman in whose farmhouse we can tarry for a night.
(24) Flowing water and green grass witness your lover's endless prattle.
(25) Arnold Toynbee compliment them and the twenty-first century's version, in addition to prattle about the past and predict the future of different things, its history monism(sentence dictionary), there is no different.
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