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Pettish in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2016-09-08Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: crankyfractiousirritablenettlesomepeckishpeevishpetulantscratchytechytestytetchySimilar words: settingBritishget the better ofpetat timescompetecarpetblottingMeaning: ['petɪʃ]  adj. easily irritated or annoyed. 
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(1) She had never seen the pettish side of his nature before.
(2) The pettish, wilful side of him came out, the Colonel's spoiled son.
(3) I can't act in pettish to you any further.
(4) I won't act in pettish to you anymore.
(5) She drew a quick pettish breath of objection, writhing uneasily on her seat, looked far ahead, and murmured, 'I don't know - I wish - how can I say yes or no when--'
(6) Hong Hui the skill for deeding in pettish don't understand as well whom learn, four the elder brother is to again and again hurt afterward come.
(7) The exertion that that wench acts in pettish is severe, I also ordinarily can not sustain the blows.
(8) Baby and 14 a pairs one act in pettish you to engage?
(9) He ought to be jolly, but in fact he's a bully, pettish, pampered like a Roman emperor.
(10) In the love the life, man in good time with moderation of act in pettish , have 100 benefits but harm neither.
(11) Of course , if the boy is very love belongs to act in pettish character .
(12) Snacks is a man to woman offensive weapon, snacks are women to man act in pettish chips.
(13) Made a mistake and write a check of and write check must attitude regular, can not lie to act in pettish to play to depend on scheme to get by under false pretenses on the bed!
(14) Therefore , occasionally male , can let the woman pettish exert her mother's side .
(15) The husband is that you are lazy to act in pettish with him, he pours water to wash feet but knows perfectly well to fall into trap for you still happy can't"lovely man" of the set in Zi.
(16) For caress with cry up, children with smile with act in pettish to take in to requite, for make fun of and ignore, the children take in to respond with self-will by get mad.
More similar words: settingBritishget the better ofpetat timescompetecarpetblottingperpetualperpetuatecompetitorfor the first timeletterprettysettlebetteras it isartisttissuethat isget togethersettle forcigarettevendettaat that timeexpertiseartisticsettle downget throughscientist
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