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Asexual reproduction in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: sexual reproductionreproductionreproductiveproductionmass productionproduction costfactors of productionintroductionMeaning: n. reproduction without the fusion of gametes. 
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1. Moreover, with strictly asexual reproduction, mutations will inevitably accumulate.
2. We can not, then, say that asexual reproduction is cloning.
3. But here is a form of asexual reproduction that does not lead to cloning.
4. The same pattern of asexual reproduction occurs in water fleas, aphids and even a few lizards.
5. Asexual reproduction is by FRAGMENTATION.
6. The seedless water melons are developed via asexual reproduction.
7. Also, it's a form of asexual reproduction with all the disadvantages that entails.
8. Leymus chinensis was dominated by asexual reproduction and heading percentage was very low. The heading percentage was decided by the numbers and quality of floral bud differentiation.
9. Reproduces easily, available two ways sexual and asexual reproduction, and lower costs.
10. The example shows that parthenogenetic algorithm based on asexual reproduction can successfully solve the problem of large-scale distillation separation sequence synthesis.
11. Asexual reproduction The formation of new individuals from a ingle parent without the production of gametes or special reproductive structures.
12. Coefficient of asexual reproduction achieved 10 - 12 , which is beneficial for its production.
13. Asexual reproduction, as by budding , cell division, or parthenogenesis.
14. Asexual reproduction produces spores called conidia which develop on the tips of specialized aerial hyphae.
15. Accordingly gerbera is always yielded by asexual reproduction, and the traditional method is plant division propagation.
16. This form of reproduction involving only one animal is called parthenogenesis. It is also known as asexual reproduction.
17. The redia feeds on snail tissue and buds off other larval stages through asexual reproduction.
18. In nature, clones are derived from a single parental organism or cell by mitotic cell division, asexual reproduction, or parthenogenesis.
19. Conclusion It is evident that Clonorchis sinensis has a second asexual reproduction process in second intermediate host-Topmouth Gudgeon, metacercaria has biological effect of asexual reproduction.
19. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
20. Towards the difficulty of breed the Aralia elata, the author explored effect methods of asexual reproduction.
21. Thank you. Cloning is most simply defined as the asexual reproduction of biological material.
22. The newly developed sporophytes also released this kind of biflagellate neutral zoospores to complete asexual reproduction.
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