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Heterosexual in a sentence

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Similar words: homosexualsexual intercoursesexualsexuallysexualitypeter outaerosolerosionMeaning: [‚hetərəʊ'seksʃʊəl]  n. a heterosexual person; someone having a sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex. adj. sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex. 
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1. Heterosexual contact is responsible for the bulk of HIV transmission.
2. Normative sexual behaviour in our society remains heterosexual.
3. Why heterosexual men go cottaging or cruising baffles most people.
4. This is true for both heterosexual and homosexual couples.
5. The law applies to both heterosexual and homosexual employees.
6. As in egalitarian feminist psychology, white, middle-class, middle-aged, heterosexual women are the main subjects of woman-centred psychology.
7. The fact that I am a heterosexual woman never mattered.
8. Factors Affecting Heterosexual Transmission why has HIV transmission failed to rise above the epidemic threshold among heterosexuals in most developed countries?
9. Women, even heterosexual women in his family, are given no real voice at all.
10. Furthermore, the predicted heterosexual epidemic in Britain has not yet happened.
11. They coped by forming close relationships with a heterosexual partner or a group of women.
12. Robyn had two casual heterosexual encounters at this time, both one-night stands after rather drunken parties, both unsatisfactory.
13. Name one heterosexual male theorist who could display such interest in wrestling, washing powders and Greta Garbo.
14. In a disturbing dumb show of sorry heterosexual seduction, she lured him inside and up the stairs.
15. Evidence suggested that the AIDS virus was spreading very quickly among the heterosexual community.
16. The Society maintains that the majority of cross-dressers are heterosexual.
17. Granted, gay couples are denied the basic rights that heterosexual married couples enjoy.
18. Despite public perceptions, across the world 7 out of 10 infections are heterosexual.sentencedict .com
19. Until 1989, most cases where white gay men, but the majority are now black heterosexual men.
20. Subtype E already has infected at least 15 million heterosexual men, women and children.
21. And it appears that the aggregate number of partners in heterosexual adultery is quite low.
22. Yet lesbian subjects may be more different from each other than they are from many heterosexual women.
23. Perhaps there was still a chance; perhaps Ronnie would find she wasn't meant for heterosexual love.
24. Sweden allows gay partners to receive many of the benefits awarded to heterosexual married couples.
25. Any time left over was spent on the heterosexism we were experiencing from heterosexual women at the conferences.
26. What indeed are the repercussions of establishing the two-parent, heterosexual couple as the only legitimate model of parenthood?
27. Politicians have perceived little gain in granting petitions for something that offends the sensibilities of a significant number of the heterosexual majority.
28. We have refused to repress our desires, in spite of enormous pressure to conform to heterosexual norms.
29. In his eyes, a monogamous homosexual relationship was as moral as a monogamous heterosexual relationship.
30. Steinem became the poster girl for feminism in the 1970s because she was good-looking, smart, articulate and blatantly heterosexual.
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