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Produce in a sentence

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Antonym: consumeSimilar words: producerintroduceproductproductionproductiveproductivityintroductionreduceMeaning: [prɑ'duːs ,prəʊ /prɒ'djuːs] n. fresh fruits and vegetable grown for the market. v. 1. bring forth or yield 2. create or manufacture a man-made product 3. cause to happen, occur or exist 4. bring out for display 5. bring onto the market or release 6. cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques 7. come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes). 
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1. These plants produce a number of thin roots.
2. The flavours intermingle to produce a very unusual taste.
3. The barren land could produce little food.
4. This is all locally grown produce.
5. Earthquakes produce two types of seismic waves.
6. A scientist must produce evidence in support of a theory.
7. The designer's aim is to produce a harmony of shape and texture.
8. Our chefs use only the freshest produce available.
9. Her duty was to produce an heir to the throne.
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10. The changes are insidious, and will not produce a noticeable effect for 15 to 20 years.
11. Some sedatives produce the para-doxical effect of making the person more anxious.
12. A dairy cow needs to produce a calf each year.
13. Which method is likely to produce the best results?
14. The drug is known to produce side-effects in women.
15. Art books are expensive to produce.
16. Hopefully the tree will produce some blossom next year.
17. Meat-eaters must produce extensive bile acids in their intestines to properly digest the meat that they eat.
18. CDs would be far cheaper to produce without the glossy packaging.
19. Can you produce any proof of your nationality?
20. Car manufacturers ought to produce vehicles which are more secure against theft.
21. They are working hard to produce a program-controlled computer.
22. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
23. Frogs produce slime to keep their skin moist.
24. We buy all our produce from the local truck farm.
25. These shrubs produce bright red berries.
26. Fractals are used in the study of things like forked lightning and to produce some types of computer graphics.
27. The tobacco companies may be guilty of contempt of court for refusing to produce the documents.
28. The size of your pores is determined by the amount of oil they produce.
29. The committee will need to winnow out the nonsense and produce more practical proposals if it is to achieve results.
30. These two chemicals interact with each other at a certain temperature to produce a substance which could cause an explosion.
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