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Wave in a sentence

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Synonym: flapfluttergesturemovesignalswayswingSimilar words: havecaveleaveslaveweavehave onsave uphave toMeaning: [weɪv]  n. 1. one of a series of ridges that moves across the surface of a liquid (especially across a large body of water) 2. a movement like that of a sudden occurrence or increase in a specified phenomenon 3. (physics) a movement up and down or back and forth 4. something that rises rapidly 5. the act of signaling by a movement of the hand 6. a hairdo that creates undulations in the hair 7. an undulating curve 8. a persistent and widespread unusual weather condition (especially of unusual temperatures) 9. a member of the women's reserve of the United States Navy; originally organized during World War II but now no longer a separate branch. v. 1. signal with the hands or nod 2. move or swing back and forth 3. move in a wavy pattern or with a rising and falling motion 4. twist or roll into coils or ringlets 5. set waves in. 
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1. He beckoned her over with a wave.
2. A huge wave capsized the yacht.
3. He raised his hand to wave.
4. The wave swept over the deck.
5. The pool has a wave machine .
6. The wave heaved the boat on land.
7. They announced that a cold wave would come soon.
8. A large wave upset the boat.
9. A large wave swept away half the sandcastle.
10. The new tax sparked a wave of public protest.
11. A wave of nostalgia came over him.
12. A great wave overwhelmed the boat.
13. A rogue wave swamped the boat.
14. Political leaders united yesterday to condemn the latest wave of violence.
15. The shock wave from the blast blew out 22 windows in the courthouse.
16. He saluted his friends with a wave of the hand.
17. The government is facing a new wave of opposition in the form of a student strike.
18. He greeted Charles with a languid wave of his hand.
19. The news sparked a wave of euphoria across the country.
20. A tidal wave caused by the earthquake hit the coast causing catastrophic damage.
21. With a wave of his hand, the magician made the rabbit vanish.
22. The crisis has set off a wave of nationalist feelings in Quebec.
23. He called for a halt to the recent wave of emigration.
24. He felt a brief wave of tenderness towards his old teacher.
25. Once the last boxes were packed away, he was overtaken by a wave of tiredness.
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26. The country is in the grip of a teenage crime wave.
27. The band are riding on the crest of a wave with the worldwide success of their number one selling single.
28. He greeted me in the street with a friendly wave of the hand.
29. Several villages have been destroyed by a huge tidal wave.
30. Speaking through an interpreter, a Japanese fisherman gave his account of the tidal wave.
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