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Activate in a sentence

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Sentence count:229+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-22Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: actuateaerateset offsparkspark offtouch offtriggertrigger offtripSimilar words: deactivatemotivatecaptivatemotivatedcultivatecultivatedmotivationmotivatingMeaning: ['æktɪveɪt]  v. 1. put in motion or move to act 2. make active or more active 3. make more adsorptive 4. aerate (sewage) so as to favor the growth of organisms that decompose organic matter 5. make (substances) radioactive. 
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1. Cooking fumes may activate the alarm.
2. We must activate the youth to study.
3. Less reciprocal discourse will also activate schemata.
4. To activate your filter, select the View menu.
5. In certain rare circumstances, these vaccines could activate disease.
6. Its special property is that it can activate most of the genes that are required in the mature muscle.
7. What does it mean to activate an algorithm, or to embody it in physical form?
7. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
8. Here MacLeod is able to activate the past by the most delicate retrieval.
9. Press Alt-Z to activate the macro for double-spaced indented paragraphs. 5.
10. Their purpose is to activate local debate but on terms laid down by the dominant ideology.
11. Whitlock used his personal ID card to activate the lift and tapped his foot apprehensively as he waited for it to arrive.
12. Let stand about 3 minutes for yeast to activate. Add Cheddar cheese[], blue cheese and 2 cups flour.
13. That seems to activate the cerebral cortex in the parietal lobes more than in the frontal lobes.
14. Do not activate them on a package until it is intended to proceed with the work.
15. The different ways in which superantigens activate T cells casts light on the pathogenesis of infectious disease.
16. All of them are an attempt to activate non-governmental organizations and, through them, civil society in the south.
17. Room keys activate the temperature controls and turn on an entry light, so guests never enter a dark room.
18. To activate service, a consumer also must subscribe to the Internet service provided exclusively by WebTV for $ 20 a month.
19. This results in a failure to activate pepsinogen to pepsi and so denature proteins.
20. Turn on or activate any security devices you have fitted.
21. For example, edges tend to activate the visual system more than areas of uniform brightness.
22. Many trade disputes are pending, awaiting the outcome of the talks; failure would activate them immediately.
23. For example, plasticity seems to depend on identifiable ion channels and catalytic molecules that activate or inhibit these channels.
24. You need a contract with a phone company to activate the phone and purchase service.
25. TalkAlong is a cellular phone in a box that allows consumers to activate service as well.
26. In some cells, there are suggestions that these inositol phosphates may directly activate specific channels in the plasma membrane.
27. Eventually the High Masters of the Ordo Hydra would activate those psychic spores.
28. As we have seen, modern theories of Pavlovian conditioning assume that stimuli can activate the representations of other events.
29. Perhaps the most invaluable feature is the unique cable control that allows you to activate the stopwatch from a tailored finger grip.
30. Although H pylori does not invade the mucosa, bacterial proteins may activate monocytes with a local T-cell mediated immune response.
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