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Inactive in a sentence

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Synonym: calmidlemotionlesssluggishstillAntonym: activeSimilar words: in actionactiveactivelyproactivehyperactiveattractiveradioactiveinteractiveMeaning: ['ɪn'æktɪv] adj. 1. not participating in a chemical reaction; chemically inert 2. not progressing or increasing; or progressing slowly 3. not involved in military operations 4. not exerting influence or change 5. of e.g. volcanos; not erupting and not extinct 6. lacking in energy or will 7. lacking activity; lying idle or unused 8. not engaged in full-time work 9. not active physically or mentally 10. not in physical motion. 
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1 He certainly was not politically inactive.
2 It's bad for your health to be physically inactive.
3 The area has a large, but politically inactive population.
4 If you weren't so inactive you wouldn't be so fat!
5 The volcano has been inactive for 50 years.
6 The brain cells are inactive during sleep.
7 Some animals are inactive during the daytime.
8 Hedgehogs are inactive in winter.
9 The property market remains largely inactive.
10 He had been totally inactive for two weeks.
11 Graham's knee injury means he will be inactive for Sunday's game.
12 Young people are becoming politically inactive.
13 Hahnemann found that many substances which were inactive in the crude form became active therapeutic agents when treated in this way.
14 Most are now inactive, but when they first arrived they were able to hop from place to place in our genome.
15 He became politically inactive in the new century.
16 The fault, which scientists had believed was inactive, caused a 6.5 earthquake.
17 Fond as he is of his inactive comforts, he regrets all marriages as breaking up happy families.
18 Fullback Derrick Fenner has spent time on the inactive list.
19 The mass is assumed to be inactive politically and is rarely subjected to detailed analysis.
20 He swallowed the Communist propaganda about Mihailovich being inactive and treating with the enemy.
21 It is impossible for a small company to gain on the big firms while business is so inactive.
22 It is impossible for a small company to gain on the big one while business is so inactive.
23 The total time used in food preparation consists of active time and inactive time when attention may be directed elsewhere.
24 A number of generals directly involved in the May violence in Bangkok were shifted to inactive posts.
25 By comparison with Alexander I and most eighteenth-century tsars he had been remarkably inactive beyond his frontiers.
26 Moreover by the 1750s the provincial parlements, hitherto relatively inactive, were increasingly following the lead of that of Paris.
27 In this case we can immediately develop the up-problem and declare the node on the down-branch inactive.
28 Intensive searches failed to find any sign of her,[] and her bank accounts and credit cards became inactive.
29 All this time, the other cell clusters remained tiny and inactive.
30 She wished that the little white pills prescribed for her teen-age daughter were real insulin, not inactive sugar crystals.
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