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Abstracting in a sentence

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Sentence count:57Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
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1. She tried to abstract my attention from my work.
2. It's not a question of some abstract concept.
3. Truth and beauty are abstract concepts.
4. They can abstract precious medicines from ordinary substances.
5. Abstract nouns are usually uncountable nouns in English.
6. The research shows that pre-school children are capable of thinking in abstract terms.
7. I like dogs in the abstract, but I can't bear this one.
8. By the age of seven, children are capable of thinking in abstract terms .
9. He is not in the least interested in abstract art.
10. It is easier to think in concrete terms rather than in the abstract.
11. We may talk of beautiful things but beauty itself is abstract.
12. She abstracted the main points from the argument.
13. His painting went through both representational and abstract periods.
14. Her ideas seem a little abstract.
15. His abstract paintings offended the art establishment.
15. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
16. The thieves abstracted the jewellery from my drawer.
17. Legal questions rarely exist in the abstract; they are based on real cases.
18. Physics is the best example of a science which has developed strong, abstract theories.
19. Human beings are the only creatures capable of abstract thought .
20. The test has scores for verbal skills, mathematical skills, and abstract reasoning skills.
21. At all levels past the rudimentary, strategies for abstracting meaning from text and imparting meaning into text count for nearly everything.
22. The present is construed by recognizing and abstracting similarities and differences with the past.
23. METHODS: Separate seellera chamaejasmel by column chromatography and abstracting.
24. He is abstracting a story for a book review.
25. Its main tasks include sync signal abstracting, Y/C separation, color subcarrier recovery, color demodulation and output format conversion.
26. Another (optional) CommonStore feature is the so-called intelligent abstracting where the CSLD task creates a summary of the mail content and puts it into the mail body after archiving.
27. For a specific domain on plastics, an automatic abstracting system is implemented. The precision and recall of multi-document's automatic abstracting is above 75%.
28. And experiments do prove that it is feasible to use the method to develop a domain automatic abstracting system, that is valuable for further study in more depth.
29. At the fields of spam filtering, information security and Automatic Abstracting, text orientation identification is used widely.
30. All we can hope to do is classify into groups and study behavior which we believed to be common to all members of the groups, and this means abstracting the general from the particular.
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