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Extraction in a sentence

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Synonym: descentoriginSimilar words: extractingtractionextractattractionsubtractionextraditionfractionrefractionMeaning: [-kʃn]  n. 1. the process of obtaining something from a mixture or compound by chemical or physical or mechanical means 2. properties attributable to your ancestry 3. the act of pulling out (as a tooth). 
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1. Petroleum engineers plan and manage the extraction of oil.
2. The extraction of minerals has damaged the countryside.
3. Commercial peat extraction is destroying many threatened habitats.
4. Her real father was of Italian extraction.
5. Methods of extraction vary from mine to mine.
6. She is of Italian extraction.
7. This is the signal extraction problem.
8. A plastic dust extraction adaptor is included as standard.
9. This book really has everything: extraction; cleanup; determination.
10. Kerlin is looking at other metals extraction projects that could use similar techniques.
11. That in turn requires extraction and electrolysis of 450 tons of water and liquefaction of the resulting 50 tons of hydrogen.
12. The method of capital accumulation is the extraction of surplus value.
13. Extraction of helium-3 from the surfaces of asteroids is not likely to compare with that from the Moon.
14. Mining and extraction industries, such as oil and gas,( ) comprise 7. 7 percent of the index.
15. The oxygen extraction process may then become wholly independent of resupply from Earth.
16. One patient was managed endoscopically with stone extraction and another by cholecystectomy and duct exploration.
17. Water extraction from ice-free rocks may seem a bit strange, but it has a strong foundation in our study of meteorites.
18. Tekhne has developed an automated gas from oil extraction system.
19. To the environmentally concerned, however, the origin and extraction method for capturing an essence may be of vital importance.
20. The local economy is overwhelmingly dependent on oil and gas extraction.
21. Zidane has become the poster child for a whole generation of French-born youths of North African extraction.
22. The nuclear industry produces waste streams which contain a variety of radioactive metal ions, the extraction of which minimises radioactive discharges.
23. A client could hold on to his jaw, and people would assume he was headed for a tooth extraction.
24. These systems may have to be restricted to passive use based on the extraction of information in well-defined forms.
25. The bill would have banned an abortion procedure known to health professionals as intact dilation and extraction.
26. The SE-703 has been designed to replace traditional liquid solvent extraction usually used for sample preparation prior to chromatographic analysis.
27. The approach enables larger cannulae to be used for easier stone extraction, however, and avoids unnecessary trauma to the liver.
28. The equilibria in the first part deal with complexation, solubility, redox reactions, and solvent extraction and ion exchange.
29. In fact at present much land taken for chalk extraction is lost to agriculture permanently.
30. It is nontoxic and does not interfere in the phenol-chloroform extraction procedure.
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