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White lie in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2016-11-03Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: whitethe White HousewhitherbeliefreliefbelieverelievearchitectMeaning: n. an unimportant lie (especially one told to be tactful or polite). 
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1 A little white lie is surely excusable.
2 What did it matter, a little white lie like that?
3 Why hadn't she told a white lie and claimed she had a licence?
4 What's the harm of a white lie if it will make her feel better?
5 The doctor told him a white lie.
6 Would you want a white lie told to you?
7 Tom tells a white lie.
8 Sometimes our Lord permits of a little white lie.
9 White magic; a white lie; that's white of you.
10 A white lie is better than a black lie.
11 It was only a white lie.
12 That was a white lie.
13 What I need is truth saying not white lie.
14 You told a white lie when you said she was cute.
15 He told her a white lie as not to hurt her feelings.
16 A "white lie" is a harmless untruth(, while "white magic" is good magic.
17 So you mum won't have to yell, a white lie.
18 So - called white lie can also cause unforeseeable consequences.
19 That's a white lie.
20 I have to tell a white lie because he is so sick.
21 I told my wife a white lie saying that she looked fabulous in her new clothes.
22 We wave the "white flag" to call a truce, surrender, or show we are unarmed. A "white lie" is a harmless untruth,[] while "white magic" is good magic. White may conjure up negative images as well.
23 It's only a white lie, so it's no big deal.
24 WHITE LIE: Could you tell friends you're going away for the holidays to delay gift buying until after-holiday clearance sales?
25 When the truth hurts , a little white lie can heal.
26 What'sthe difference between a white lie and a lie? I mean, it's all the same to me.
27 Do you get just a little sort of tap for a white lie but minced up for murder?
28 Though I belive in telling the truth, I thinka white lie is sometimes justified.
29 Jack: Aw, come on, Betty. It's just a little 1 fib, only a harmless white lie.
30 You could end up getting yourself into bigger trouble with that little white lie.
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