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Wacky in a sentence

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Sentence count:46Posted:2017-01-25Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: around the bendbalmybarmybatsbattybonkersbuggycockamamiecockamamycrackedcrackersdaftdottyfruitygoofyhaywirekookiekookylocoloonyloopynutsnuttyround the bendsappysillywhackyzanySimilar words: backyardluckydraw a conclusionhappy-go-luckyACKpacksackrackMeaning: ['wækɪ]  adj. 1. ludicrous, foolish 2. informal or slang terms for mentally irregular. 
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1. Some of his friends are pretty wild and wacky characters.
2. And some records are more wacky than others.
3. I don't want to make the novel sound wacky, let alone conspiratorial.
4. More precisely, a buffoon with a wacky idea and too much free time.
5. Wacky comedy about a scientist trying to drive a guy crazy by forcing him to watch the worst movies ever made.
6. Subsidiary characters run the gamut of weird and wacky academics, familiar from a host of campus novels.
7. He has his spiky hair(, strong opinions and wacky humour.
8. And, in a season best described as wacky, Frieder might have yet another surprise.
9. There are some really wacky scenes at the PTA meeting that you'd love.
10. This is because, in the wacky world of quantum physics, light is wavy as well as particulate.
11. My guess is that you could dig up wacky facts about any animal, fruit or mineral you choose to look at.
12. Race as one of 8 wacky characters!
13. This team's wacky answer is way off!
14. Wacky ideas are commonplace among space scientists.
15. Another day, another wacky UK speed camera ticket.
16. I chop garlic . It's a wacky world.
17. Nurse Betty's a wacky but wonderful dose of reality.
18. This fantastic Terminator T600 model Wacky Wobbler is just what you need to strike fear deep into the hearts of your friends and co-workers!
19. That such a wacky idea should be so persistent is, to put it mildly, disquieting.
20. But the energy is all – well wacky right now.
21. Obama is unlikely to be as entertainingly wacky as Bush, but Obama's deep basketball ties offer unique potential.
22. What was I thinking of, picking a wacky subject like cryonics?
23. He decided to become a clown to join the wacky world of the circus.
24. And white jocks at the time were more into wacky humor.
25. Yet each and every one of the weird and wacky items have one thing in common they are all absolutely 100% true.
26. Would you rather put up with your condition than subject yourself to these wacky cures?
27. The truth is, Julie is actually the sensible one in our marriage, the straight man to my wacky schemes.
28. We still fall for the same logical traps, the same wacky ideas, the same old discredited snake oil in shiny new bottles that plagued our forefathers—and their forefathers.
29. The hero in the movie come across as a little bit wacky.
30. Test your skills of observation in this dizzying wirlwind tour of a wacky amusement park.
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