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Vitrification in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2018-02-27Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: nitrificationdenitrificationpetrificationgentrificationelectrificationverificationpurificationclarificationMeaning: n. 1. a vitrified substance; the glassy result of being vitrified 2. the process of becoming vitreous. 
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1. Vitrification and slow freezing of sheep IVF blastocysts were compared in this study.
2. The vitrification rate caused by cotton plug wrapped in cheese cloth was the lowest among all seal materials, including polyethylene film, plastic cover and sulfuric paper.
3. Objective:To establish an effective pretreatment method for the vitrification of expanded mouse blastocysts by comparing 3 techniques for the artificial shrinkage of the blastocoelic cavity.
4. Objective : To investigate the efficiency of vitrification of immature oocytes gamete cryopreservation.
5. Vitrification is the safest disposal method at present. Howevee, some harmful substance volatilized from fly ash in melting process, which caused second contamination.
6. Objective:To study the suitable vitrification solution and to find a efficient protocol to preserve newborn rat ovaries.
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7. One of them involving the vitrification to the ceramic glaze material glass materials laser decoration.
8. And those specific methods for preventing and controling vitrification phenomenon plant tissue culture were raised.
9. The thermal stability and the vitrification point increase with the increase of maleic anhydride content.
10. Middle is lower than the temperature for the vitrification temperature the rubber section - polybutadiene ( PB ) the section.
11. Cryopreservation of embryonic neurocytes by vitrification is the important content in the cryobiology at present.
12. Gutted flap washed by current water, dehydrate using graded ethanol, vitrification by dimethylbenzene and deposited in holly oil.
13. Objective To evaluate the efficacy and efficiency of cleaved human embryos through vitrification.
14. Nuclear energy. Fuel cycle technology. Waste. Soxhlet - mode chemical durability test. Application for vitrification process materials.
15. It is clear that during the firing process, the glaze undergoes dehydration, dehydroxylation, vitrification and recrystallization.
16. This incredible rate of cooling is used to investigate the special ice crystals created during vitrification.
17. Effects of cytochalasin B and thawing program on glass micropipette (GMP) vitrification of mouse mature oocytes were investigated.
18. The chromophore orientation energy increases with poling temperature, but the phase separation may occur when the temperature higher than the vitrification temperature of polymer.
19. Vitrification and devitrification tests of cryoprotectants demonstrated the feasibility of vitrification solution EDT.
20. But as for the hot-filling crystallized bottle, it is of great important to assure the sufficient stress discharge at a temperature above the vitrification point for the coming filling operation.
21. The studies were performed on the cryopreservation of mouse morula by vitrification, embryo splitting and embryo transfer (ET) .
22. Because the condition is best, still be inferior to high vitrification.
23. Methods (1) By using the orthogonal design and TTC testing, the appropriate conditions for preservation of femoral arterial grafts in rabbits by vitrification and cryopreservation were screened out.
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